Topgolf Swing Suites at Grand Hyatt Vail a ‘home run’ with families, groups

Enjoy golf and other games on the big screen

Grand Hyatt Vail added two Topgolf Swing Suites this past winter and they have received rave reviews from hotel guests, conference goers and locals alike.
Grand Hyatt Vail/Courtesy photo

The Vail Valley has plenty of outdoor activities to take part in, but the elements can sometimes limit access at various times of the year. But, rain, snow, temperatures and daylight hours don’t affect the fun at the two new Topgolf Swing Suites at Grand Hyatt Vail.

Grand Hyatt Vail teamed up with Topgolf Swing Suite this past winter and took a few meeting rooms and converted them into areas of play.

“Putting two Topgolf Swing Suites in this hotel, this space, it’s been a home run,” said John D’Angelo, general manager of Grand Hyatt Vail.

The Topgolf Swing Suites are the mastermind of Topgolf, which was started over 20 years ago in the UK and now has dozens upon dozens of venues in the U.S. and several popping up in countries all over the world. The Topgolf Swing Suite brings that same spirit of connecting people in meaningful ways through the experiences Topgolf creates through innovative games. Topgolf is now bringing a smaller version of that concept to luxury locations such as Grand Hyatt Vail.

The Topgolf Swing Suites aren’t just for playing golf. There are plenty of other games that test your skills in football, baseball, soccer and hockey. There are also fun carnival games and Zombie Dodgeball.
Grand Hyatt Vail/Courtesy photo

“We saw it at another property, so we decided to try it out and do a partnership with Topgolf Swing Suites. After some meetings, diagrams and dreaming about how this could all be created in this space, it’s been great,” D’Angleo said. “In our industry we have to be willing to take risks, keep trying things and be brave enough to do something new.”

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Grand Hyatt Vail has two meeting rooms they’ve converted into the Topgolf Swing Suites, called the Front Nine and the Back Nine. The equipment allows for eight people to play their game of choice at one time. Grand Hyatt Vail typically books it for 12 people so guests can spectate while others play. There’s plenty of seating at the cocktail tables, couches and chairs surrounding the large screen and play area.

Food and drink are available for your group when you rent out a Topgolf Swing Suite.
Grand Hyatt Vail/Courtesy photo

Since these rooms are already equipped to serve meetings, food and beverages are easily available. You can customize the dining options for your group by ordering through the banquet menu and get shareable, fun, hot appetizers, like sliders or pizza, charcuterie, desserts, beer, wine, a full bar and more.

In addition to golf, participants can play a variety of games such as football, soccer, hockey, baseball, volleyball, carnival games and zombie dodgeball.

“Everybody loves it. We’ve had lots of great reviews from corporate groups to families,” D’Angelo said.

Kieran Kelley, 28, of Eagle-Vail had a chance to test out the Topgolf Swing Suites at a party in April, “None of the games were extremely easy, but I would say golf was by far the most challenging,” Kelley said. “They all do replicate a great expression of the actual sport.”

“I bet I played every game on the machine and thought it was easy to learn and adjust to each of the game modes. It feels very close to the real thing,” said Corbin Riggi, 31, of Avon.

D’Angelo will often be out in the lobby on check-out days and get feedback from the guests.

“It’s great to hear them mention the Topgolf Swing Suite and how much fun they had or if they didn’t get to experience it during their stay, I’ll take them over to the rooms and hand them a dodge ball or a golf club and let them try it, so they know about it for next time.”

D’Angelo believes in creating value and fun memories for the guests.

“When guests come and they experience something they did not expect and they have a good time, that makes a difference and leaves an impact.”

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