Two Arrows Coffee Company announces new menu items |

Two Arrows Coffee Company announces new menu items

Two Arrows Coffee Company has introduced a handful of new menu items for the winter, including the breakfast bowl (top left), housemade granola bars (right) and the Village Bagel egg sandwich. New drink offerings include a spiced mocha, a maple latte, a rosemary latte and a dairy-free hot chocolate.
Joe Newton | Special to the Daily

Since opening this summer, Two Arrows Coffee Company has been serving up much more than a caffeine buzz to visitors. The shop, located inside the Root & Flower space in Vail at 225 Wall Street, serves up a slew of tasty and healthful food options perfect to pick up before or after a few runs, including four new winter food items and a handful of new drinks.

“The Vail Village was really missing food that’s healthy fuel for your body,” said Two Arrows Coffee Company Owner Lindsea Stowe, who worked closely with Root & Flower’s head chef Matt Limbaugh to create the new menu offerings. “It’s hard to find something in the breakfast world that’s not carb or sugar heavy.”

Enter the breakfast bowl—tri-colored quinoa salad with parsley and lemon zest layered on top of arugula salad crowned with a sous vide egg sourced from a Paonia farm and a sprinkling of savory granola.

“It’s a really quality option through and through,” Stowe said, pointing out its gluten and dairy free on top of being delicious. “It’s designed not to bog you down if you eat it right before you get on the hill.”

And since it can be served in a to-go style cup, you can finish it on the lift if you’re in a hurry to get first chair.

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Two Arrows’ house-made granola bar is another portable, light breakfast or mid-morning snack. Made with almond butter, coconut flakes, sunflower seeds and dates, the bar is a high-energy snack you can put in your pocket and eat on the go.

“We were looking around for a healthy bar option and couldn’t find anything that wasn’t chock full of sugar. Our bar is actual sustainable energy that’s not boom and bust for your blood sugar. Plus it’s easy to take with you,” Stowe said.

For those looking for something a bit more traditional, the Village Bagel egg and cheese sandwich delivers. Made using a preservative-free New York-style bagel from Village Bagel in Edwards, you can choose from four bagel varieties—everything, salt, plain or sesame. Score a bagel egg sandwich and coffee for just $12.

The new fresh house-made vegetarian soup options are inventive and healthy. The first option—a roasted carrot with fennel and cardamom—has been a big hit, according to Stowe.

“We value food with high nutritional value and opt for local and organic products whenever possible,” Stowe said. “It’s really important for me to offer food that is sustainable energy for our active community.”

Local sourcing carries over to the coffee beans as well—Stowe buys locally roasted, single-origin beans from Color Roasters in Eagle for the drip coffee, while the espresso drinks are made with beans from Denver-based Commonwealth Coffee Roasters.

There are three new drink offerings on the winter menu. The spiced mocha is made using dairy-free dark chocolate and house-made cinnamon simple syrup. The new maple latte is sweetened with grade A maple syrup from Vermont.

“Since maple syrup isn’t refined sugar, it’s easier for the body to process,” she said.

Around Thanksgiving, Two Arrows introduced a rosemary latte made with oat milk that’s proven popular, Stowe said.

“I’ve found people who haven’t been stoked with other milk alternatives really like the oat milk,” she said.

And thanks to the dairy-free dark chocolate they carry, they can make a dairy-free hot chocolate, something that can be hard to find.

Whether you’re stopping in for a quick bite before hitting the slopes or a pick-me-up cup of cheer after, Two Arrows has tasty options sure to satisfy.

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