Are your ski boots uncomfortable? Try Dahu |

Are your ski boots uncomfortable? Try Dahu

Swiss brand is reimagining the way we experience skiing

Editor’s note: This is part three of a seven-part series on the latest and greatest finds at the Outdoor Retailer and Snowsports Industries America Snow Show in Denver each January. This trade show represents suppliers of consumer outdoor sports with constituents in the retailer, rep and resort communities.

I have a lot of guests who come out to ski Vail and Beaver Creek once or twice a year, and one of the biggest complaints I hear is how uncomfortable the ski boots are. It’s tough to see family and friends struggle after taking the time off and spending the money to get here cutting their day short because of sore feet.

It’s no secret that ski boots aren’t the most comfortable type of sports footwear out there. Most locals have their boots dialed in with footbeds and heaters, and if there is a troublesome spot, it’s been “blown out” or adjusted by one of the many great boot-fitters in our valley. But if that isn’t enough, there is an option for those looking for a ski boot that provides comfort, warmth and performance.

I was introduced to the Dahu ski boot at the Outdoor Retailer SIA Snow Show earlier this year. Designed in Switzerland, the Dahu Swiss boot is a groundbreaking modular design that reimagines the ski boot. The boot is a two-part system, a standalone boot and the plastic shell that acts as a chassis to hold the boot and connect it to the ski binding and skis.

Let’s start with the boot and how comfortable it is. The boots are made in Italy, and everyone knows those Italians know how to make boots. The leather and the materials used plus the craftsmanship are exquisite. You’ll want to wear these boots out on any cold day, not just the days you are skiing in them. The boots also have PrimaLoft insulation, so no need to dip into the lodge to warm your feet up during your ski day. It excels as both a performance liner and standalone piece of Alpine footwear that you can wear, even if you are dancing at après-ski.

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Now back to the shell, which is made of Grilamid plastic and features a series of strategic cutouts that alleviate typical pressure points while maintaining external rigidity, which means, performance isn’t compromised. The revolutionary Corsair entry process introduces a precisely engineered gull-wing open and close design. The skier has two options, to step into the insulated boot, lace it up, and then simply step into the shell, or leave the liner in the shell and step in, as a single unit, like a conventional Alpine setup. Either way, Dahu boots are easy to get in and out of. Watch today’s video to see how this works.

Of course, if you’re a World Cup-caliber skier, these ski boots aren’t for you. But, if you want a ski boot that delivers comfort, warmth and performance, give Dahu a try.

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