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‘Ungoverned Children’ of Eagle County: Annual children’s writing contest results in 7th edition of book

Students of all ages gathered at The Bookworm of Edwards on Friday, April 12, to celebrate their work producing the seventh edition of "Ungoverned Children," the result of the annual writing contest.
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The winners and honorable mentions of the seventh annual children’s writing contest were announced during an event Friday, April 12, at The Bookworm of Edwards.

The seventh edition of the book, “Ungoverned Children,” was released and features an introduction by best-selling author Dusti Bowling, who was at the event Friday.

Here are three excerpts from contest winners. Visit The Bookworm of Edwards to purchase a copy of the book featuring stories from local students.

Third-Grade Winner

The dragons and phoenixes have been on the same planet and have fought for thousands of years. Dragons ruled the mysterious planet until phoenixes came and started taking land for themselves. One fateful day, a piece of this mysterious planet broke off, became an asteroid and crashed into the planet Earth. Two dragons and one phoenix were on the piece that crashed. One dragon was able to live on the surface of the planet. The other two were stuck deep within the earth.

-Saunder Propst, Edwards Elementary School

Fifth-Grade Winner

Maddie tied up the horses while I crept toward the fence. Suddenly, two hooves appeared in the evening light. The hooves were attached to a rearing black horse. I shrunk back until I saw what condition the creature was in. I could see her ribs, and she had cuts from where the rope around her nose had dug into her skin. She was tethered to the fence, but I was pretty sure she could break away and kill me.

A voice in my ear whispered, “A Friesian.” I jumped around and was relieved to see Maddie. “She’s super thin. We have to get her out of here.” Just then, voices and footsteps came from inside the shack.

-Kyra Amass, Eagle County Charter Academy

High-School Winner

The night was wicked. The streets of New Gradopolis were devoid of anything but the most despicable creatures, and silence hung over the city like a thick fog. Despite this, three non-despicable (two thoroughly, one questionably) figures sat around a small table in front of Cafe Pyrus, a small coffee shop all three agreed had the best banana bread in the city. But it was nearing midnight, and the large windows were dark. The figures were chatting quietly, their voices just loud enough to be heard by each other, but low enough to leave the silence of the street intact. Though none of the three would ever admit it, the dark street made them uneasy.

“Payx, are you sure this is the right place?” whispered one of the figures. He was the youngest, and had the most trouble keeping the nervousness out of his voice.

“Of course it is. How many Cafe Pyruses do you know of?” said Payx. Technically, they were all Payxes, but the eldest had gone by her surname since she had decided she despised the name Amicus early on. “Lance? Galahad?” She demanded of her two brothers. Galahad shrugged. He was a creature of few words, and the silence weighed on him most.

-Andie Billingsley, Vail Mountain School

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