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Unravel the mystery of emotions with free training

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Mandy Benedict, founder of Conscious Transformation will be one of the trainers discussing emotional intelligence at the Power of Emotion event.
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What: Power of Emotion with Conscious Transformation.

When: Tuesday, 9:30 a.m. / Wednesday 12 or 6 p.m. / Thursday, 12 or 6 p.m.

Where: La Nonna in Vail / Align Vail in Edwards / Align Vail in Edwards.

Cost: Free.

More information: 970-904-1233, mandy.benedict@conscioustransformation.com, conscioustransformation.com.

Have you found yourself sad or angry for longer than you’d like and weren’t sure how to change it? Does stress and anxiety permeate your life and tax your body? Would you like to experience more joy and happiness throughout your days and share that energy with your loved ones? Emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of professional success, healthy relationships and overall happiness in life. The best news is that we can train our emotions just like we train for our sports.

Conscious Transformation is hosting free one-hour trainings to provide a first-hand experience of the power we wield through our emotions. The sessions introduce an inspiring 12-week series called the Power of Emotion which provides step-by-step instructions that help you develop emotional awareness, and the ability to step out of painful emotions like anxiety and fear and into positive ones like acceptance and inspiration. The free session will show how this occurs!

There are five session times between Vail and Edwards. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend one of these free introductory sessions.

On Tuesday, April 9, at 9:30 a.m., the event wil take place at La Nonna in Vail. On Wednesday, April 10, and Thursday, April 11, (both hosting 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. sessions) the event will take place at Align Vail in Edwards.

Those engaging the Power of Emotion Training Series routinely experience:

• Freedom in knowing that emotional experiences are a skill and a choice.

• Greater emotional awareness and fewer attachments.

• More compassion and self-acceptance.

• Deeper connection with life and relationships.

• Increased professional success.


After years of personal development, focused meditation and a formal, extensive training program led by Joey Klein, founder of Conscious Transformation, Mandy Benedict leads these transformative classes regularly throughout the Vail Valley. Having grown up here, Benedict has a deep passion for supporting people in our community with the tools provided by this work. She also manages her family’s business, Ruggs Benedict, where she helps the business thrive by creating a strong network of relationships.

Laina Eskin began her journey with Conscious Transformation in 2012 and the practices she has learned have taught her how to live with a sense of joy, peace, purpose and fulfillment beyond what she ever would have believed possible. Eskin brings the work of Conscious Transformation to the world of health through her physical therapy work where she specializes in Corrective Movement Therapy. She shares her passion through supporting others to create vitality, freedom and love in their mind, emotions, physical body and connection to their spiritual selves.


Conscious Transformation is a system for personal development designed to help you create a meaningful and fulfilling life. Based on cutting-edge neuroscience, ancient wisdom practices, genetics and psychology, it helps you shift limiting mental, emotional and physical patterns to reach your full potential. The simple, practical approach, will create lasting change and a renewed life experience.

Unlike typical personal development seminars, Conscious Transformation takes an interactive, community approach. Through a combination of events, groups, meditation and practice, Conscious Transformation teaches you daily techniques that can be used to actively create the relationships and experiences you want in life.

For more information, contact Mandy Benedict at 970-904-1233 or mandy.benedict@conscioustransformation.com, or visit conscioustransformation.com.

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