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Upcoming wellness workshop to focus on stress education and yoga practice

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Yoga teacher Aislinn Walton

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What: Nurturing Stress: A Wellness Workshop.

When: 4 to 6:30 p.m. April 30.

Where: Vail Vitality Center.

Cost: $35.

More information: Call 970-476-7960 or visit http://www.vailvitalitycenter.com" target="_blank">class="Hyperlink">http://www.vailvitalitycenter.com .

If you’re suffering from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, menstrual discomfort, digestive issues or anxiety or depression, then an upcoming Vail Vitality Center workshop might be for you.

“Nurturing Stress: A Wellness Workshop” aims to help people suffering from health issues and stress to remember the importance of self-care through science-based education and nurturing yoga practice.

“Yoga is a healing practice and it can be used therapeutically in a multitude of ways,” said yoga teacher Morgan Flahive-Foro, who will lead the workshop along with yoga teacher Aislinn Walton.

science behind stress

During this workshop, attendees will learn the science behind stress and why living in a chronic state of busy leads to illness and a nagging sense of disconnection.

The workshop will be divided into two parts. During the first half, learn about how stress impacts hormone balance, the nervous system and internal organs. Attendees are asked to bring a notebook and a writing instrument, which will be used for meditative journaling and note taking.

“The journaling practice will help us to identity the root beliefs in the mind that are hindering our ability to feel embodied and healthy,” Flahive-Foro said.

In the second half of the workshop, attendees will practice a blend of restorative and yin yoga postures accompanied by meditation tools. “People will leave feeling very clear about how it feels to move in a restful and healing way,” Flahive-Foro said. “They’ll also be armed with information and tools to take these practices home for their own personal benefit.”

Flahive-Foro was inspired to bring this workshop to the Vitality Center because she’s passionate about yoga for healing. For many years she lived in a perpetual state of stress; she battled with an eating disorder, hormone imbalance, depression and eventually an early-stage cancer diagnosis.

Flahive-Foro has used yoga to heal and is passionate about sharing the science behind the practice.

“A vigorous yoga practice can be extremely healing, however for those battling health issues, injuries or loss, the more gentle practices offer an important healing benefit in that they encourage the parasympathetic — or rest and digest — response in the nervous system,” she said. “This is key to allowing the body to heal. It’s science, not hippy dippy yoga stuff.”

Simply put, in order for the body to heal, it must have time to rest and restore.

The effects of yoga were so profound on her body she was spurred to help others, Flahive-Foro said.

“The good news is, the body is brilliant and has a self-healing intelligence,” she said. “A little work goes a long way.”

Practicing yoga, especially a form of gentle yoga, helps slow time down, takes our attention off of our to-do list, and reminds us that our body is “always speaking to us,” Flahive-Foro said. “You know the phrase ‘trust your gut’? Well how can you trust your gut if you don’t make time to listen to it?”

The cost of the workshop is $35. Call 970-476-7960 or visit http://www.vail vitalitycenter.com to register.

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