Vail Athletic Club offering meditation workshop |

Vail Athletic Club offering meditation workshop

Karen Anderson, certified meditation instructor
Special to the Daily

We have all heard about living in the present moment — but what does that mean in real life? Is it even possible to live outside of the present moment? The Vail Athletic Club is hosting an experiential meditation workshop, Meditations on Time & Being, with Karen Anderson on Sunday, Aug. 26, from 10 to 11:15 a.m. to help explore these questions and more.

Our lives are organized around being in time, and this isn’t always a problem — in fact it is necessary and useful for practical purposes. However, it causes stress and disconnection when we minimize our current experience to accommodate the pressure of time.

‘This Moment Matters’

“When we live as if the present moment is a tiny sliver of reality sandwiched between vast expanses of past and future, this makes now seem insignificant,” said Anderson, the yoga director at the Vail Athletic Club. “But all experience happens now, so literally everything is to be gained by training ourselves to know and feel that this moment matters.”

This workshop is for all levels; no experience is required.

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The Vail Athletic Club offers group fitness classes each week, including yoga, Pilates, weight lifting and climbing. The fitness center features Peloton bikes, cardio equipment, weights, CYBEX equipment and an indoor public climbing wall. The Club also offers extensive special programming, including ski conditioning, outdoor interval training on Vail Mountain and meditation teacher training.

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