Vail Athletic Club offering a half-day meditation workshop |

Vail Athletic Club offering a half-day meditation workshop

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Lindsea Stowe is the owner of Two Arrows Coffee and a yoga teacher at the Vail Athletic Club.
Tomas Cohen | Special to the Daily

The Vail Athletic Club is hosting a half-day meditation retreat on Saturday titled Connection Through Mindfulness with Lindsea Stowe.

Dedicated to directing heartfelt attention to embodiment, this meditation retreat will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. After coming together as a supportive community in the practice, participants are invited to Two Arrows Coffee Co. for complimentary coffee and tea and an additional opportunity to connect.

The guided meditation is suitable for practitioners of all levels and props will be provided to accommodate the postures.

While Vail Athletic Club has held meditation workshops in the past, the half-day option hasn’t been held in a while and is perfect for someone who wants to dive deeper into their meditation practice but doesn’t have the ability to commit long periods of time.

“For me, a four-hour retreat like this really changed the trajectory of my own practice,” said Stowe, who is a yoga instructor at the Vail Athletic Club and the proprietor of Two Arrows Coffee in the Vail Village. “With a little more time than the daily meditation, I could really feel out the effects of the practice. I was hooked after that.”

Stowe hopes that guests will have a meaningful experience at the workshop.

“People can expect to sit through a lot of ups and downs, and hopefully gain some confidence that they can learn to tolerate their present moment experience. Maybe they get some insight into their own mental patterns, maybe they realize that experiences are transient, whether good or bad. Maybe they enjoy some quiet time to process a challenging emotion or simply relax in peace,” Stowe said. “It’s best to come without expectations and trust that the experience will be just as it needs to be.”

Vail Athletic Club yoga director Karen Anderson echoed Stowe’s sentiment.

“While a shorter daily meditation practice is wonderful, I have personally found it incredibly helpful to sit for longer periods of time,” she said. “A half-day retreat is approachable for anyone, but long enough to immerse yourself. And the social gathering afterward is a great way to meet like-minded folks.”

The workshop is $25 per person.

This retreat will be meditation only. Please come dressed in comfortable clothing for sitting.

For more information or to register, call 970-476-7960 or visit

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