Vail Brewing Co. now serving limited edition ‘Fake News’ beer |

Vail Brewing Co. now serving limited edition ‘Fake News’ beer

The classic West Coast IPA is the latest addition to the brewery’s creative and ever-evolving beer menu

The limited-edition beer cans are decorated with newspaper clippings stamped with a bright red “FAKE” sign.
Vail Brewing Co./Courtesy Photo

Verified sources confirm that the Vail Brewing Co. has added a classic West Coast India pale ale to its ever-changing roster of home brews. Don’t let the label mislead you — this fresh flavor addition is most definitely not fake news.

Vail Brewing Co. head brewer and co-owner Garrett Scahill said he has been planning to mix up his usual offering of Colorado-style and hazy IPA beers by introducing a West Coast-style recipe.

“We brew a lot of hazy IPAs — they’ve become so popular in the past 8-10 years — and we were joking around that we were making so many of them that we kind of lost focus on the classic West Coast style,” Scahill said. “We were laughing like, ‘We’re going to make a West Coast IPA? Is that fake news?’ And that’s how the name evolved.”

The Fake News beer is made from a pilsner base that gives it a crisp, lager-like quality, and is accentuated with Amarillo, Columbus and Mosaic hops, the typical foundations of a classic West Coast IPA.

“It gives it a very clean, light, biscuity malt flavor, and the hops give it those really classic pine, resin, grapefruit, citrus and stone fruit notes,” Scahill said. “It’s not that juicy, thick, hazy IPA. It’s a crisp, slightly bitter, but very flavorful beer.”

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Leaning into the timely comedy of the name, the beer cans are decorated with newspaper clippings stamped with a bright red “FAKE” sign. Vail Brewing Co. has brewed one batch of the Fake News beer, and expects it to run out within the next week and a half, so those who want to experience the flavor should head to the tasting rooms in EagleVail or Vail Village soon.

Vail Brewing Co.produces all of their beers in-house at their EagleVail location.
Vail Brewing Co./Courtesy Photo

“We’re always rotating our IPAs,” Scahill said. “We brew a new one every two weeks to can and will pepper in ones that we’ve done before, because we like experimenting. It’s more fun to be able to play around and know that we’re making something completely different every time.”

If it receives enough positive feedback, the Fake News beer might return to Vail Brewing Co. in the future, but for now it remains a limited-time offering.

“Re-brewing beers is really dependent upon the response that we get from people, and we’ve gotten a really good response with this one, so it’s possible that we bring it back in the future,” Scahill said.

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