Vail Comedy Show headliner Simon Gibson nabs role as sideline reporter in new USA Network show 'Cannonball' |

Vail Comedy Show headliner Simon Gibson nabs role as sideline reporter in new USA Network show ‘Cannonball’

Simon Gibson is an Los Angeles-based comedian.
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The Vail Comedy Show recently returned after canceling in-person events due to coronavirus with a new online format. The June 18 show attracted more than 150 people, virtually, while debuting some technological novelties including live audience laughter and on-broadcast messages from viewers.

At its core the show remained a lot like its pre-COVID form.  It featured talented comedians, howling audiences and the support of the community.

Gibson, who headlined the June Vail Comedy Show, is about to make another big splash on smart televisions and traditional ones.  He is the sideline reporter for a new show called Cannonball, described as the biggest, wettest, slippery-est water sports competition ever created.

The show premiers on NBC this week and will be regularly aired on Thursdays on the USA network starting July 7.

“We could not have relaunched without generous partners, primarily the Vail Valley Young Professionals Association but also Vail Brewing Co., Root & Flower and the Drink Defender” said Mark Masters, the comedian host of the show that used to overflow the Highway 6 location of Vail Brewing Co.

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“One big difference to doing online shows is we can get comics from anywhere. Which is awesome. On the downside, we can’t know if they are wearing pants. But does that really matter?” Masters continued.

The June 18 show featured comedians from Atlanta, Detroit, Boston, New York City, Los Angeles and small town Kansas.

Two of June’s comedians, M.K. Paulsen and Simon Gibson were on the documentary Inside Jokes which can be streamed on Amazon Prime. Over the course of six episodes, filmmakers followed comedians trying to get into the most prestigious comedy festival in the world.

As for the Vail Comedy Show, it will be back every third Thursday for months to come.  Free tickets and other details can be found at

The next show is July 16, and will feature headliner Troy Walker who has had his own appearances on television since relocating to Los Angeles from Colorado. Walker has appeared on Comedy Central and other networks, and also in a TV commercial starring Jane Lynch.

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