Vail Comedy Show hosting Andy Haynes, Xazmin Garza in two August shows

Andy Haynes will perform on Aug. 12, and Xazmin Garza on Aug. 16.

This month, the Riverwalk Theater in Edwards and the Vail Comedy Show are partnering on two live comedy events including a special evening with Andy Haynes, who has been on CONAN, Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden and Comedy Central.

Haynes will be in Edwards on Thursday, Aug. 12, and tickets are $19. He will be supported by Michael Isaacs and Geoff Tice, who have made names for themselves traveling around the country from their home base of Colorado. As usual, the Vail Comedy Show will be hosted by local comedian Mark Masters.

“This is a really exciting month! On Thursday we have Andy Haynes, I am headlining a weekend of shows at a beautiful new comedy club called 3E’s in Colorado Springs, and then I’m back Monday to welcome New York City comedian Xazmin Garza to the Vail Valley,” Masters said.

Haynes has a history with the Vail Comedy Show. During the pandemic, when the show was forced to pivot to online performances, he did a set. That performance led to an iconic pandemic photograph of a baby watching the Vail Comedy Show on an iPad.

“I’ve always been keen on making kids laugh,” Haynes said. “I know some people think it’s easier, but they’re actually hard nuts to crack. It was an honor to make a baby laugh. That kid is probably a genius.”

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Having a pair of New York City comedians back-to-back speaks to the draw the valley can have.

“Performing anywhere outside of NYC is different, but especially mountain towns,” Haynes said. “New York is kind of a pressure cooker, and that matches my nervous energy. I felt like a freak being anxious in Los Angeles. Everyone wanted to longboard to get matcha, and I was like ‘what if I die before I accomplish anything?!’ I will say a town like Vail tends to be better laughers, possibly more reserved, but I want to apologize in advance if I offend anyone. I’m not very offensive, but resort town people hike at sunset with their dogs through fields of wild mountain flowers. Sometimes I don’t know how they’ll react to my New York sensibilities.”

Xazmin Garza also performed on one of the online Vail Comedy Shows. The Mexican-American comedian is originally from Utah and has won writing awards and appeared in many comedy festivals. She will be supported by Kate Strobel and Charlie Cohen. This will be her first visit to Colorado.

“This pandemic has really made me appreciate nature, and I missed comedy so much. I’m happy to be able to get both out of my first trip to Colorado,” said Garza. “I’ve always thought of Vail strictly as a place where rich people ski, so I guess it makes sense that I’m going there in the summertime.”

In September, the Vail Comedy Show will celebrate with an anniversary show, but where, when and who will be performing has not been made public.

For now, locals can enjoy a comedian who has made dozens of television appearances.

“TV has been good for me, but it’s not like it used to be,” said Haynes. You really have to go viral online to get even nominally famous these days. So, it’s been fun every time I’ve had the opportunity, and I love doing it, but it’s not like the Carson days where you did it, and the next morning the world knew you. There’s a Gore Vidal quote where he says something like ‘I never turn down the opportunity to be on TV or have sex,’ and while I’d like to live like that, I’m married, so it’s the same, just less sex.“

Vail Comedy Show tickets are available at Tickets can also be purchased at the Riverwalk Theater in Edwards, in-person or on their website.

If you go…

– Andy Haynes performs on August 12, and Xazmin Garza on August 16.

– Both shows are at the Riverwalk Theater in Edwards. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. with the comedy starting at 8 p.m.

– Tickets are $19 and available at Tickets can also be purchased at the Riverwalk Theater in Edwards, in-person or on their website.

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