Vail Comedy Show returns this week with headliner Nathan Macintosh

NYC comedian Nathan Macintosh will perform in Eagle on Wednesday.
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Vail Comedy Show is back on Wednesday, Aug. 9 in Eagle at Moe’s Original BBQ and on Thursday, Aug. 10 in Vail Village at Shakedown Bar with New York City comedian Nathan Macintosh (The Tonight Show, Late Night with Stephen Colbert, Conan) headlining.

Nathan is a regular at The Comedy Cellar and his special, “Money Never Wakes,” is available free on YouTube and was recently reviewed by The New York Times.

Have you ever performed in the Vail Valley?

I have never been to the Vail Valley. What should I know? Any jokes off-limits? Can you not talk about the sky or kids or something? What happens in this Vail Valley that has everyone talking? I’m excited to do shows here.

Do you have a favorite Colorado comedy memory? 

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I mean, ridiculously, the only show I’ve done in Colorado was in Golden at the Colorado School Of Mines. I remember staying at a Western-themed hotel and driving up a mountain to look at the Buffalo Bill grave. I drove down that mountain (hill?) back into the Western-themed hotel that did NOT have breakfast. 

You recently released your special, ‘Money Never Wakes,’ and it was reviewed in the New York Times?  How did that happen?

I’d had the idea of putting together a special centered around money for a while. I finally did, put it out, and truly thought eight people would see it. I thought that it would fall into the abyss of YouTube to only be seen by psychopaths and the occasional confused elderly person. Somehow in the mountains of videos on there, the comedy reviewer for the New York Times found it, watched it, liked it and reviewed it. I mean he could have reviewed a podcast hosted by two cats. “Cats On Crates” is a good program. 

What do you know about Vail Comedy Show?

Every comedian who has done them has told me they are amazing. So right now that’s what I know. They are amazing shows. I will be there soon to see for myself. But if they are not amazing I have a lot of people to go yell at. 

Any major events coming up?

Some festivals and putting together material to put out another project. I’d assume the next one will be completely outshined by “Cats On Crates.” I’m telling you, if you haven’t checked out this podcast give it a shot. 

You live in New York City but tour nationally, how does Colorado compare to other markets?

Buffalo Bill’s grave is only in one state.

How would you describe your comedy?

Anything I say here could be read as “who does this guy think he is?” If I said “funny,” … “This guy thinks he’s funny?” If I said “smart,” … “What type of person calls themselves smart? Who is this piece of garbage?!” Check out “Money Never Wakes” or other videos (“This guy has videos out!? Late nights and such?! What is his problem?!”) and decide for yourself. 

What is next for Nathan Macintosh?

If I’m not the voice of a hamster in a cartoon soon I’ll drive a truck. So hopefully that: voicing a hamster in a cartoon. 

Coming soon

Vail Comedy Show will be back in September with Katie Hannigan from New York City who has appeared on Late Night with Stephen Colbert, The Late Late Show with James Corden and Comedy Central. She will be performing in Eagle and Vail. 

Tickets for all shows are available at

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