Vail Comedy Show welcomes Steph Tolev Sept. 15

Steph Tolev will perform at the Vail Comedy Show Thursday.
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IF YOU GO... What: Vail Comedy Show featuring Steph Tolev Where: Bridge Street Bar in Vail Village When: Thursday, Sept. 15. Doors at 7 p.m., show at 8 p.m. More info:

Vail Comedy Show is back Thursday Sept. 15 at Bridge Street Bar in Vail Village with headliner Steph Tolev. Tickets are available online at

Steph Tolev is in from Los Angeles. She can be seen on Netflix and is a passed regular at the world-famous Comedy Store in Hollywood. Last month she opened for Bill Burr at Scotiabank arena in Toronto for 19,000 people. 

Have you ever performed in Vail?

No! Never even been to Vail, just drove through it for the first time two days ago.

Do you have a favorite Colorado comedy memory from any mountain town?

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Yes! I had a blast in Fort Collins at the Comedy Fort and some ladies after the show told me they just had golden retriever puppies and to come visit them the next day. I think they thought I wasn’t actually going to go but I did and it was the cutest thing ever. Also that same weekend I signed two women’s breasts, felt like an ’80s rock star, mullet and all.

What do you know about the Vail Comedy Show?

That it’s in a ski town? On or in a mountain?

What was it like to open for Bill Burr in Toronto last month?

Unreal, 19,000 people two days straight. It felt like an out-of-body experience, I knew it was happening but didn’t feel real until days after. For sure the highlight of my comedy career, performing at the same venue I saw NIN and Queens of the Stone Age when I was a kid, where the Maple Leafs play, truly a dream come true.

Can you talk about your podcasts?

Yes, I have two: Steph Infection and Slobs with Lara Beitz and Jessica Michelle Singleton. Steph Infection is all about weird body ailments since me and my dog tend to have every weird thing happen to us. I get lots of comedians and actors and porn stars as my guests, super fun but also very gross sometimes. You have been warned! Slobs is just us gals getting together and talking about comedy, relationships, traveling — it’s like listening to your buddies screw around, it’s fun! Listen to both!

How would you describe your comedy?

Brash, vulgar, self-deprecating, physical, silly and painfully real.

What is next for Steph Tolev?

Oh she’s always cooking up something. I am headlining on the road for a while now and got some pots on a few burners, can’t give it all away! Follow me on Instagram (@stephtolev) for videos, pod stuff and tour dates.

Any final thoughts?

I feel like I need to come back in the winter to really experience Vail, but I am down to roll down a grassy ski hill as well.

Vail Comedy Show has multiple shows coming in October. The regular monthly show is Oct. 20 and will be at Sarah’s Lounge in the Christiania Hotel — around the corner from Bridge Street Bar — with Sam Tallent, a Colorado legend from Comedy Central and author of “Running The Light.” There is also a pop-up comedy show on Oct. 26 in Eagle at Moe’s BBQ.  The headliner opened for Nate Bargatze at Ford Amphitheater for 2,500 people in August. Tickets for all shows are available at

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