Vail Daily announces new This Week Outdoors section |

Vail Daily announces new This Week Outdoors section

You may have noticed that we have a different section heading on today’s paper: “This Week Outdoors.” If you’re really observant, you may have noticed we’ve added a new Outdoors menu item to the Entertainment section on our website. But what does that even mean?

Animation by Casey Russell

Starting today and every Tuesday moving forward, the Vail Daily’s new outdoors section will be a home for all our stories about enjoying and preserving what Earth has to offer. That includes content you’ve already been seeing this summer and fall, like our Hike of the Week and Sustainability Tips columns, as well as additional stories like what you’ll find inside the pages of the print paper today.

Many This Week Outdoors stories are published on Mondays on Please visit our new Outdoors landing page to find content from earlier this year and in the future.

The main pillars of the outdoors section are recreation and sustainability. We hope to capture stories of people and ideas that champion those things. If you have something that you think fits those goals, please reach out to Casey Russell, the arts & entertainment editor, at or 970-748-2904.

Thank you for reading, and keep getting after it.

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