Vail Daily unveils Newsroom Jams |

Vail Daily unveils Newsroom Jams

New Vail Daily project invites local musicians to jam in the newsroom

A project months in the making, Newsroom Jams is now live on

Our valley is full of talented musicians. Newsroom Jams offers an opportunity for local artists to play their original songs in our newsroom, during business hours, for our online audience to enjoy. Likewise, it also gives listeners the opportunity to hear what’s jamming across the valley.

Imagine sipping your morning java paired with the tunes of artists who play across Vail and greater Eagle County; that’s where we’re going with this. The idea is to create a go-to source for music that is created and played right here in our valley; to give listeners an experience that no other playlist offers: a true showcase of the Vail Valley’s talent pool.

Where will this project go? We will start by posting videos on our website and using them to promote local shows, but the sky’s the limit. Playlists on streaming services, placements on social media and more are all on the table, and we are excited to take this project as far as we can.

To launch Newsroom Jams, it takes a valley. The project would not exist without submissions from local artists. From solo acts to bands to orchestras; if you have originals, we want you to come jam in our newsroom.

If you’d like to be featured on Newsroom Jams, please contact Executive Producer Ross Leonhart at or Producer Sean Naylor at

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