Vail Valley pot shops celebrate 4/20 with smoking deals |

Vail Valley pot shops celebrate 4/20 with smoking deals

Pot shops across the valley are celebrating April 20 with sales, including discounted ounces on select strains of marijuana.
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The fine print

In Colorado, anyone older than 21 with a valid ID is allowed to purchase and possess as much as an ounce of marijuana for recreational use. It is illegal to consume marijuana in public, including on city streets and Forest Service trails, or at parks, playgrounds or outdoor locations such as concert venues and local ski resorts. It’s also illegal to smoke at bars and restaurants, and most vacation rentals don’t allow it, unless explicitly approved by the owner. It’s illegal to take marijuana across state lines. For more information about marijuana regulations, visit

On Thursday, you might notice that clocks in the high country are a little off — instead of it being 5 o’clock somewhere, it’ll be 4:20 all day.

April 20, aka 4/20, is celebrated each year as the national weed holiday, and no one truly knows why — although memory loss can be a side effect of marijuana consumption.

Some say 420 was police code for marijuana smoking in progress, while others believe a group of friends coined the term as the time they would meet after school to either smoke up or, as some say, set out on the quest to find an abandoned field of pot plants.

In Colorado, where every day seems to be 4/20, local dispensaries will be celebrating with smoking deals that would make Bob Marley want to get together and feel all right.

Native Roots

Dispensary, Eagle-Vail

As a company, Native Roots tries not to push 4/20 too hard to try to curb public consumption, said manager Tripp Smith. But the Eagle-Vail dispensary will be knocking prices on Thursday.


• Recreational: $125 ounces, $20 eighths

• Medical: $100 ounces, $420 ounces of shatter and wax

• Shortys Special (rec and med): Buy one pack of mini joints and get one for $4.20

• Also at Native Roots, you could win an ounce of weed for a year. Visit for more information.

Rocky Road Remedies,


In addition to deals at the shop, Rocky Road will be sponsoring a 4/20 Party with Wake Up and Live, a Bob Marley Tribute, at Vail Ale House, 2161 North Frontage Road W. in Vail, at 9 p.m. Thursday, April 20. Cover charge is $10, with DJ Weez as the emcee and prizes and giveaways throughout the evening.

Deals (select strains, plus tax)

• $125 ounces

• $35 quarters

• $13.11 for 100-milligram edibles

• $3.70 for 10-milligram edibles

• $3.70 for 1-gram pre-rolled joints

• $21.85 for grams of wax and shatter

• $20 for 500-milligram cartridges

Roots Rx, Eagle-Vail

At Roots Rx, “everything is on sale,” said manager Jason Mitchell. Sales on Thursday include concentrates, edibles, ounce deals and top-shelf deals, as well as a drawing for a half-ounce joint (that’s 14 grams!) and other schwag.

“It’s all going to be going on here,” Mitchell said.

High Country Healing,


While the shop in Eagle-Vail will have many 4/20-related deals on Thursday, many of the High Country Healing folks will be at Arapahoe Basin, which is hosting it’s own party with free beer and food, raffles (items include a snowboard and a bong), games and giving away coupons for the store.

“We’ll really be partying out there, having a good time,” general manager Colby Hockersmith said.

The High Country Healing folks then head to Denver to set up a smoke booth at The Black Box music event on Thursday night.


• 42 percent off select edibles

• Buy four select concentrates for $20 each

• $4.20 mini joints


Edwards and avon

April 20 is a special celebration for Tumbleweed, opening its first drive-thru pot shop in Parachute. “Good Morning America” will be covering the opening, and many Tumbleweed employees will be heading to Parachute, but the local shops will also be serving up specials. For now, director of retail Ridge Currington doesn’t anticipate a Tumbleweed drive-thru coming to Eagle County any time soon.


• $4.20 off all Green Cross edibles

• $4.20 grams of bronze shelf marijuana

• $4.20 Ganjala candies

• $4.20 joints

• $20 grams of in-house concentrates

• $20 Tumbleweed vape pens

• SphereX 500-milligrams cartridges for $42

Sweet Leaf Pioneer, Eagle

All of the keef and small buds from 10 to 20 strains has been collecting at Sweet Leaf Pioneer for the past month. On Thursday, April 20, the store will sell an ounce of the shake for $75 as part of the 4/20 celebrations.

“We’ve been saving up for 4/20 to put it on sale,” said Alex Marin, of Sweet Leaf. “We’ll be partying, hanging out and selling weed.”


• Recreational: 20 percent off select edibles; 20 percent off top shelf strains; $20 a gram for Green Dot shatter; $75 for an ounce of shake; and every purchase gets a 10 milligram Sweet n Flow (weed sugar) for 1 cent.

• Medical: 20 percent off everything in the store; and Bubba Kush grams for 1 cent with purchases of $30 or more.

Other happenings

• Vail’s Exhale, Eagle-Vail — Let your taste buds take flight at Vail’s Exhale in Eagle-Vail on Thursday with Backcountry Wings serving up the food, raffles all day and 20 percent off glass in the store. This shindig is open to anyone and everyone.

Vail Valley Vape, Eagle-Vail — The vape shop will have 20 percent off wax and shatter pens on Thursday.

Agave, Avon —Pickin’ on the Dead, a bluegrass Grateful Dead tribute, will be performing at Agave on Thursday night.

Thursday’s the day to get high on your own supply with all of the deals across the valley. Just don’t forget to puff, puff, pass. Stay safe out there, and happy 4/20.

Reporter Ross Leonhart can be reached at 970-748-2915 and Follow him on Instagram at colorado_livin_on_the_hill.

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