Vail Valley residents can soon get Good Clean Food Delivered to their homes |

Vail Valley residents can soon get Good Clean Food Delivered to their homes

Get plant-based, chef-prepared meals delivered right to your door starting July 13

An order from Good Clean Food Delivered includes smoothies, salads, buddha bowls, soups, dips, creative entrees and guiltless sweet treats. All food is delivered in reusable glass containers and compostable materials.
Connie Luu, Good Clean Food creative director

If you’ve been thinking of starting a healthier diet but don’t know where to begin, a new food delivery service is coming to the valley that does all of the work for you.

Good Clean Food Delivered is a health food company based out of Basalt that prepares plant-based, organic meals and delivers them right to your home. Starting this month, the company is expanding its delivery service to the Vail Valley. People can sign up online and start receiving meals July 13.

Good Clean Food Delivered was founded in 2019 by Lisa Cohen, a certified nutritionist, health coach and weight loss expert, and Kelly Hollins, a certified health coach, vegan chef and entrepreneur. Cohen and Hollins recognized that while there is a common desire to eat clean and nutritious meals, many struggle to execute their goals due to time and knowledge constraints.

Good Clean Food Delivered founders Kelly Hollins, left, and Lisa Cohen
Michele Cardamone Photography

“People know what it takes to be healthy, they just don’t know exactly how to do it,” Hollins said. “It takes intention, shopping, preparation and a little bit of education. We always say that we are delivering health and ease, because we take care of the execution, and it takes all of the thinking and the planning out of the equation.”

The company currently employs 16 chefs operating out of two kitchens, one in Basalt and one in Boulder. Cohen and Hollins plan out a week’s worth of recipes that are always plant-based, organic, gluten-free, dairy-free and use no refined sugars or genetically modified organism ingredients. Customers place an order by Saturday of their preferred delivery week, and receive a delivery of glass containers filled with colorful meals by noon on Tuesday.

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“Our biggest focus is food freshness,” Hollins said. “We source the produce as close to our delivery as possible, we always focus on organics, and during the summer months we love to source from local farms as much as we can.”

While all of the meals are plant-based, Good Clean Food Delivered is not exclusively targeted at vegans. It is intended to serve people of all diets who are looking to add more freshness and nutrient-dense meals to their week. Best yet, with creative recipes sourced from aross the industry, the chefs never make you sacrifice flavor for health.

“We are really focusing on healing and using food as medicine,” Cohen said. “Our program works for any kind of diet, and you can easily add animal protein should you decide that you want to do that.”

Each order comes with a set of three smoothies, four 32-ounce jars containing soups, salads and buddha bowls, two 24-ounce containers of entrees and veggie platters, two dips, one chia pudding and an assortment of guiltless sweet treats. One order costs $325, and first-time customers pay a one-time $50 jar fee on their first order. An order is intended to feed one person for five days, and can be easily customized with additions from a list of a-la-carte items.

Inside look into a fridge filled with colorful Good Clean Food Delivered meals
Brooke Casillas Photography for The Scout Guide Aspen

Both Cohen and Hollins were competitive athletes, Cohen as a gymnast and Hollins as a collegiate lacrosse player, so they make sure that their meals provide the power to fuel demanding physical activities.

“The communities that we serve are not a bunch of dieters,” Hollins said. “Everybody is out crushing life and needs to eat accordingly. We cater to that lifestyle instinctually because we are athletes ourselves.”

The company also prioritizes sustainability when it comes to packaging. Every meal is delivered in a glass container which is then collected the following week to be reused in future deliveries, much like the system of the old-time milkman.

All meals are delivered in glass containers that are picked up milkman-style for reuse every Tuesday. Sustainability is a key focus of the company’s mission.
Brooke Casillas Photography for The Scout Guide Aspen

“We are so excited to expand to the Vail Valley because it feels like a natural extension of our current markets,” Cohen said. “This is an active, conscious and health-focused community, and we know our clients are busy and want to get outside. We love to help tick that to-do list while fueling them with the highest quality food.”

Good Clean Food Delivered launches in Vail on July 13. To learn more about the company and to place your first order, visit

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