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Walking Mountains Science Center to talk wildlife biology

A big horn sheep, an example of Colorado's wildlife. Bill Andree will discuss these animals as well as many others.
Special to the Daily

The Eagle River Valley is home to a myriad species of wildlife including the charismatic megafauna that symbolize the American West. The black bear, mountain lion, lynx, moose, bighorn sheep and many other mammals share the southern Rocky Mountains that we also call home. Though we may see them occasionally on remote trails, or have tattoos of their silhouettes, how much do we really know about their physiology, their behaviors, or how humans profoundly affect their lives?

Join Walking Mountains Science Center with special guest Bill Andree, former district wildlife manager for the Vail District, on Thursday, Aug. 23, at 6:30 p.m. for an evening dedicated to the science behind wildlife biology. Through discussion, Bill will address common wildlife misunderstandings, tie human activity to animal behaviors and discuss the biology of what makes these creatures so specially adapted to live in mountain environments. Wildlife specimens will be on display for examination and learning purposes.

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