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Water’s Wisdoms, founded by an Eagle native, uses shower message board to cultivate positive energy

Kelly Martin spent hours trolling Pinterest, looking for DIY ideas. She wanted to create a board for her shower where she could look up and internalize a positive message while basking in the hot water. Her shower was her place of peace, and she wanted to use it to help cultivate good energy throughout her day.

That DIY inkling is now her company, Water’s Wisdoms. Each month, subscribers to the service receive a water-resistant card with a motivational or comforting quote on it. They slide it into the plastic frame provided on the first order, and can read the message and internalize it while in the shower – but really, the frame can be stuck everywhere. Martin’s customers have pasted it to mirrors, refrigerator doors and anywhere they’ll see it frequently.

In the first order, customers recieve heavy-duty supplies to ensure the frame sticks to the shower wall without falling off.
Casey Russell | crussell@vaildaily.com

The Eagle native, who returned with her husband Cody and toddler a few years ago, now works on the business with two partners: Grand Junciton-based Mandy Rush and Idado resident but lifelong Colorado visitor Lynnzie Lindstrom. The product launched in October.

Years before Water’s Wisdoms became a business, Martin realized that the shower is one of the only places people aren’t connected to the internet. Most people don’t bring their phone into the shower: they might be playing music from it, but it’ll stay on the counter nine times out of 10.

But even more than the ability to disconnect, Martin founded her company on the principle that water is healing. Taking a shower became an opportunity to recenter herself, reflect and decompress, especially when she and her husband Cody struggled to get pregnant, only to suffer from moderate post-partum depression after her son was born.

“You just cry and let it all go in the shower. It’s kinda the place where you fall apart,” Martin said. “I don’t think I cried so much as like standing there. Letting the water run over me and like ‘who am I?’”

Enter stage left: Martin’s DIY efforts. She never actually made anything, but she did have plenty of ideas. Eventually, she teamed up with her business partners and got to work with a manufacturer on creating a frame that was sturdy, easy to use and cost-effective. Then, she started sourcing quotes. All in all, it took about 4-5 years to get from the DIY plaque, through research and development into the product launch in October 2019.

When subscribers log onto the Water’s Wisdoms website, they can choose which type of messages they want to receive. In addition to a general line, there are equestrian, faith-based and children’s packages. Newlywed couple Joe and Sierra Dawn Anglim, who competed on the reality show “Survivor” have created a line called More than Just Surviving, featuring Joe’s art. The new hustle series focuses on motivational mantras from athletes, coaches and mover-shakers: the first installment in the hustle series comes from Brittany Beckham, a contestant from “The Amazing Race” and “The Price is Right.”

Among others, Joe and Sierra Dawn Anglim, newlyweds who both competed on the reality show “Survivor” have created a line of motivational messages for Water’s Wisdoms featuring Joe’s art.
Casey Russell | crussell@vaildaily.com

Some of the lines also benefit charitable organizations, as well. For the Love of Horse’s photographer was an Eagle County local, who just moved back to Germany with her husband. It benefits the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund, which provides need-based financial assistance to rodeo athletes injured during the sport. The Martins have horses and love them, but they also loved the chance to support a non-profit in that space. The children’s series supports Autism Speaks, after one of the founder’s sons, who is on the spectrum. First Descents, an outdoor adventure camp for cancer patients ages 18-39, has its own line based on its motto “Out Living It.”

Each of the cards also has a description explaining the author of the quote, the non-profits involved and more, so customers can read and appreciate the backstory behind the quote as they internalize it.

Since launching in October, Water’s Wisdoms has seen business opportunities outside people’s homes. Martin said an elementary school in Arkansas has started putting up Water’s Wisdom quotes on the door of bathroom stalls, to help motivate kids in a positive way. She hopes to get involved in local hotels, providing a wellness moment, an opportunity to support local business and branding. A big goal for the company this year is to create an online portal where users can insert their own quotes and sayings.

Beyond that, she appreciates that her product can create engagement and unity.

“I had an ex-customer of mine from my other job, and we’re still Facebook friends. His daughter is 15 and loves horses so he jumped on and bought this for her. He’s a single dad and this card said ‘you take care of what’s yours,’” Martin said. “He’s like, ‘I put it in her shower, she came out and started talking to me about it, taking care of work, taking care of what you should,’ and said it’s sparked like three conversations. ‘I very rarely get a conversation out of my 15-year-old daughter.’”

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