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What we’re watching: 4 Vail Daily editors share their top Netflix picks

With few options to leave the house in a safe, socially responsible way, most people are probably racking up some serious screen time watching Netflix. Maybe you’ve run out of episodes in your current favorite, or you’ve been watching the same stuff on repeat and need to break out of the mold.

If you were curious, here’s what Vail Daily editors are watching on Netflix. Consider these titles recommendations, or use them to judge us, we don’t care.

Ross Leonhart, assistant editor

Of the many iconic memes to emerge from “The Office,” Jim looking in to the camera is an all-timer.
Special to the Daily

“The Office.” My favorite is reportedly leaving Netflix at the end of 2020. I see a little bit of “The Office” in our office and can’t get enough of the U.S. adaption documentary-style comedy show. With nine seasons, that’s only one behind my next pick…

“Friends.” This one is also leaving Netflix at the end of the year. It features 10 seasons and more classic characters. A show I grew up watching with my family — with commercials and week-long breaks — is a little different viewed as an adult.

Sean Naylor, digital engagement editor

“Narcos” is a Netflix original and has three seasons.
Special to the Daily

“Narcos.” Not only does this show have enough drugs, sex, and gunfights to keep me entertained, but it is also helping me brush up on my Spanish and amp up the excitement for my summer trip to Colombia.

“Outbreak.” I couldn’t help myself. Sure, the current context is probably why this medical thriller is currently in Netflix’s top ten in North America, but don’t let that take away from this film’s many perks, including its star-studded cast and suspenseful plot.  

Casey Russell, arts & entertainment editor

“The Crown” shares about a decade of Queen Elizabeth II’s life in each season, starting around her coronation at age 25.
Special to the Daily

“The West” by Ken Burns. Get ready for some throwback camerawork and editing. The sweet, sweet voices of Peter Coyote and N. Scott Momaday will lull you to a headspace where you can convince yourself that the United States is really a great place, despite everything going on. Plus you’ll probably learn a few things. 

“The Crown.” If you haven’t watched this and you’re a fan of British shows or period dramas, what are you doing with your life? This series was the highlight of my Christmas breaks in college, because they released each season right after finals week. As you progress through the seasons, you’ll see some of your favorite British actors, and it culminates with Helena Bonham-Carter, fabulous as always, playing older Princess Margaret.

Tyler Buscemi, digital content manager at Everything Vail Valley

The documentary series “Dirty Money” exposes some of the worst white-collar crimes in America.
Special to the Daily

“Dirty Money.” This documentary series exposes just how greedy and deceiving corporate America can be, with episodes featuring Wells Fargo and former senior advisor to the president Jared Kushner. Just as you’ve lost faith in all humanity, this documentary series will pile on the dirty secrets behind white collar crime in America. Plus, they just released season 2.

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