Eagle, Colorado Restaurants

Eagle, Colorado, Restaurants

Eagle, Colorado, restaurants, like much of the town, are homey establishments without the pretense you’ll find in other places. They’re where Vail Valley residents hang out. When you go to restaurants in Eagle, Colorado, you’ll see locals sipping coffee with friends, enjoying a beer after a day of hiking, carrying out pizza from their favorite spot and going out for family dinners. If you want something quick and light, you can enjoy grab and go treats from coffee shops, or you can dig into a generous platter of veal parmigiana after a long day of biking. If you’d prefer to drink than to dine, head to a craft brewery with local beers on tap, or sip cocktails at happy hours; try the karaoke if you feel bold. Maybe you want something simple and easy, and you can order in a pizza delivered to your hotel. That said, making an event of going out is always fun too, and a night of bowling complete with dinner is one that the whole family will love during their time in Eagle, Colorado.

Follow Your Nose to Eagle, Colorado, Restaurants

Going hungry should be the least of your concerns in Eagle, Colorado. While this town isn’t a bustling metropolis by any means, you’ll be impressed by the number of eating options and the diversity among them. What are you hungry for? From coffee shops that serve cafe fare for breakfast and lunch, burger joints that use only premiere local beef, pizzerias, charming Italian dining rooms, Mexican restaurant’s signature margaritas, hipster-friendly holes in the wall and old-timey saloons that embrace their Wild West heritage, Eagle, Colorado, restaurants keep you on your toes. You don’t have to look hard or long to get good eats. Most restaurants are located right in Eagle’s downtown area, so you can conveniently mill about as you decide where to go.