Minturn Restaurants

Don’t Miss Minturn Restaurants

Minturn restaurants may not be large in number, but they serve up big portions of personality, flavor and fun. The town’s reputation for being a little funkier and a little more approachable than other places in Vail Valley is reflected in its eateries. Restaurants wear their quirks on their sleeves, and it all adds to a more memorable Minturn experience. Get a taste for the bygone days of the Wild West by dining in Vail Valley’s oldest saloon. Take a break from the snowy slopes by pretending you’re vacationing on the sunny beaches of Mexico when you sip a fruity cocktail and chow down fish tacos. Or venture off to the mountains of Thailand with warming curries. Portions are generous, and the fare is filling – the sort of sustenance you want after that killer hike or snowshoeing expedition. Just head there from whatever activities and adventures filled your day; Minturn restaurants are pretty laid back and relaxed and great options for going out with the family. However, there are also options for upscale dining if you want to celebrate a special occasion or just want to feel fancy.

The World Awaits at Minturn Restaurants

As far as dining options go, Minturn keeps them to a manageable number. But when considering types of cuisine and the sort of fare found in these establishments, you’ll be hard-pressed to feel limited. So what should you expect from Minturn restaurants? Start your day with a hearty breakfast of steak and eggs. If you’re on a tight schedule, a quick coffee and grab-and-go items let you keep up your pace. Catch your breath between hikes to enjoy a pizza or burger. Grab drinks and apps before dinner in a saloon and unwind Old West-style. And embrace the rancher lifestyle with smokehouse favorites like ribs and barbecue. For a more hands-on approach, try a restaurant where you select your own cut of meat and cook it yourself over the open grill, seasoning it to your liking with a selection of marinades and spices.