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Things to Do – Eagle, Colorado

Eagle, Colorado, Things to Do

When visiting Vail Valley, it’s easy to get caught up in the resort mindset – hey, that’s why you’re on vacation after all! However, if you want a change of scenery, find that small town, Americana setting in Eagle, Colorado. The welcoming, down to earth vibe seems more like something from a storybook than a travel brochure, and the things to do in Eagle, Colorado, embrace this. People go out for walks about town and greet passersby. If you take a break between your day’s activities, do as the locals do and hang out in a coffee shop. Like most of Vail Valley, outdoor activities reign supreme year round in Eagle, Colorado. During the summer Eagle, Colorado, things to do often include hiking, golfing, fishing and visiting parks. Spice things up a bit with a hot air balloon trip or paleontological project at a fossil dig site. When winter sets in, trade your hiking boots for skis. If you’d rather skate, then head to a park that the town floods every winter to create a picture perfect ice skating rink. For indoor Eagle, Colorado, things to do, try touring a brewery, winery or distillery, practice your craft at a local art studio or round up your crew for a night of bowling.

Eagle, Colorado, Things to Do Are for Everyone

There’s a sort of scaled-back intensity underlying most Eagle, Colorado, things to do. Instead of testing your limits on the trails or conquering increasingly challenging slopes, you relax – you breathe – when you come to Eagle, Colorado. It’s a place where you see residents out strolling along the paths, hanging out in parks, fishing by the ponds and youngsters clambering around playgrounds. Just look at Eagle, Colorado, biking for example! While it’s a great place to pick up a mountain bike trail and venture forth, Eagle, Colorado, also invested in establishing a nice series of bike paths throughout the town. So instead of huffing it up a mountain’s craggy terrain, cyclists of all abilities can take advantage of this popular Eagle, Colorado, thing to do.