Things to Do – Vail

Vail Things to Do for the Outdoor Athlete

Ahhh, Mother Nature. She smiles upon Vail in every season. She blankets its mountains with feet of powdery snow in the winter and turns the fields into brilliant rainbows of blooming flowers when spring arrives. Summer warms the lakes enough for a refreshing swim or kayaking trip. And the mountains look more like a wave of oranges and yellows as tree leaves change out their summertime green for autumn splendor. Thanks to this natural wonderland, you’re hard-pressed to be bored with the things to do in Vail during any month of the year. For the majority of the time, skiing and snowboarding dominate Vail things to do, defining the area’s reputation as a winter sports destination. In past years, however, summer has consistently emerged as a period that visitors plan trips to Vail. Once again outdoor activities prevail when considering Vail things to do. Take a mind-blowing hiking trip where you’ll traverse mountain passes, secluded forests, waterfalls, ponds, old mining towns and more, all in a day. Experience the world’s highest botanic garden (in elevation, that is). Ever been spelunking? Try it in Vail.

Vail Things to Do Beyond Outdoor Sports

If the day’s rained out or athletics aren’t really your jam, you’ll still find plenty Vail things to do to suit your taste. Spas are popular in Vail, and you can pamper yourself silly with all of the treatments they offer, including vanilla chai detox wraps and I.V. bars with vitamin drips to help you fight life’s less-demanding ailments, like jet lag or recovering from athletic performances. Or get a sample of the best of Vail and beyond at a wine or beer tasting presented by wine bars, breweries and other eateries. Catch some culture at concerts, theater performances, dance festivals and other entertaining events. Pick up locally sourced goods and crafts at a farmers’ market. How adventurous are you feeling? See a whole new side of view from the vantage point of a hot air balloon. Whatever you’re in the mood for, you’ll find it in Vail.