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A Hint of Asia

“Indo-China Dream,” by Dung, 59” by 58.5”, acrylic on canvas

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Like many collectors, Viviane Jasinski’s taste in art has evolved over the years. She took interest in art at a young age with an affinity for the classical era of the late-1800s to the mid-1900s — a time when the world’s greatest artists converged on Paris.

Jasinski’s taste grew into appreciating all different styles of art, but her standards of what defines a “great” artist have become ever more refined.

“I am fortunate and blessed to actually grow my own taste and understand art more and more,” she says. “So I like to work with artists who have all different styles and techniques, but when I choose artists they have to have extensive classical training.”

Jasinski originally started an art investment company in Singapore, and after traveling the world promoting artists in international exhibitions, she has now moved her headquarters to Silverthorne, Colorado, with a new gallery there as well as a space she has just opened in Vail Village.

Located in the old Cogswell Gallery location on Gore Creek, A Hint of Asia showcases a wide range of artists that have proved to have a combination of artistic skills and training alongside a deep sense of unique, personal charisma.

A Hint of Asia features international art — from Europe to the Middle East and beyond — specifically that which showcases the influences of Western art skills paired with Asian art tradition that was developed in Paris during the Indo-China era of the 1920s. This was a time when art masters from different countries converged on one area, expanding and evolving their work in the time they spent together.

“We believe that this confluence of Eastern and Western skills, philosophies and perspectives has been critical to the work of the greatest artists of today,” explains Jasinski. She also focuses on Western sculpture. “Ever since I started in the art business I have represented American sculptors. In part due to the technology and innovation of the foundries here, American sculptors have had an edge over the international competition in terms of realizing their visions in three dimensions. We have had great success with these sculptors in Asia, bridging the artistic traditions of East and West. We will continue to represent the best American sculptors at A Hint of Asia.”

In her galleries, Jasinski displays fine art with a contemporary feel. She has collected work from more than 50 artists, and has worked with most of them for over a decade. Everything from perspective to detail to texture in each work forms a reflection of both precise technique and the individual style of the talent that creates it.

“Artistic skills can be acquired by rigorous training and practice,” says Jasinski, “but the creativity behind art is deeper, rare and influenced by the sum of prior art history while also pushing beyond it. Great art requires both.”

— by kim fuller

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