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Bo Bridges Gallery

“Uncut Stone,” 54” by 80”, photograph on watercolor fine art paper with a deckle edge.

227 bridge street, suite e  |  vail  •  970.688.5597


featuring Bo Bridges

There’s a new art gallery on Bridge Street in Vail that will take you on a ride. Photographer Bo Bridges has set up an impressive display of his work here — a space he has called a “passion project,” where the spirit of his vision is captured from every angle. 


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Bridges has a background that is as diverse as his portfolio. He’s traveled all over the world with athletes and actors, shooting everything from fast action and sports, to the solitude and awe of animals and nature. 


With a pilot’s license and a degree in marine biology, Bridges says he focuses on two main themes: above and below. Aerial shots of beaches and city skylines are as prevalent in his library as under-ocean glances of great white sharks. But also present in his collection are playful on-land elements, like snow. 


Up and Back” is an engineered print of a powder-day photo taken in Park City, Utah. It’s a one-of-a kind installation, vinyl-wrapped on eight skis lined in a row on the wall. The piece transports you to a chairlift, sitting with legs dangling as you look down between your skis and the sets from the others beside you.


“Like anyone, I’m trying to find the best light and resources and location and compositions,” Bridges explains, “but I’m also taking those images and creating more with form and function. Surfboards, skis, snowboards, skateboards — it’s almost like you could take it off the wall, go ride it and put it back up as art.” 


Bridges has lived in Vail, and now is based out of Los Angeles, but looks forward to spending more time in the mountains. The spacious two-level gallery in the heart of the village transports you all over the world, which is where Bridges seems to feel most at home. Local resident and business owner, James Deighan, is a partner in the gallery, along with Bridges. Deighan says the art will bring an exciting perspective into town as it evolves.


“I think the timing couldn’t be more perfect for Bo to come into town and for us to open a gallery,” Deighan says. 


Conveniently, the gallery has a lounge and viewing room upstairs, equipped with a mounted screen to scan image styles or specific subjects Bridges has taken. Find something that intrigues you, like a horse standing in the shadow of the Grand Tetons, a surfer catching a huge wave or a grove of aspen trees cutting open rays of sunshine, and Bridges and Deighan can mock up a scene to display how the piece would look in your home or office. 

You choose a limited-edition photo, as well as the size, to enjoy for years while Bridges keeps chasing powder, swimming with sharks and leaning out of airplanes. For all the wanderlust you crave and for all the photos you can’t get, Bridges is already out there on the wing, always in the action. 

— by kim fuller

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