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Claggett/Rey Gallery

“In the Wings,” 44” by 60” by 16”, bronze

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featuring  Jane DeDecker


In the world of sculpture Jane DeDecker is undoubtedly a woman for all seasons. Much of her initial work focused on childhood innocence — like “Shortcut,” which depicts children walking on a log or “Fish Story,” two boys carrying a big fish. Over the years, DeDecker spread her wings and her subject matter covers the gamut, making her one of the most sought-after sculptors in any genre. 


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DeDecker’s early interest in art was so evident, her mother allowed her to use her bedroom wall as a canvas. If fact, she won the Deep River District Art Contest before she could write her name. DeDecker studied art in high school, then attended the University of Northern Colorado, where she studied weaving, textiles and figurative drawing, before heading to the Goeblins School of Tapestry in France.


When DeDecker returned to her home in Loveland, Colorado, the sculpture industry was just emerging and, for eight years, she worked with sculptor George Lundeen. As an apprentice she learned all the techniques of both clay and wax, the lost wax technique of bronze casting, molding, chasing and finishing the bronze material, patina and finish work. Within two years she was promoted to the position of master craftsman. At the same time, she also studied stone carving under sculptor Robert Game and anatomy under Jon Zahorek. “I fell in love with the whole process of creating a bronze sculpture,” DeDecker admits.


Each project that DeDecker, a member and Fellow of the National Sculpture Society, takes on has a singular character — and, of course, it is up to her to take the concept and make a unique statement. And whether the sculpture is small or monumental, DeDecker’s goal is to create a dialogue, a relationship between the viewer and her artwork. Essentially, DeDecker wants her sculpture to speak a universal language.


“Jane has the unique ability to work in two distinctive manners,” says the artist’s sister and business associate, Maggie DeDecker-Rey. “She can be technically loose and sculpt in an expressive texture and let a piece to speak for itself, or she can be very detailed but still allow the emotion of the subject to radiate. She has the confidence to work in both genres.”


And there is no doubt that DeDecker’s work will stand the test of time. She has the unique ability to reveal the soul of every piece she creates — always enticing the viewer. 


— by brenda himelfarb

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