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The Shaggy Ram

Copper bear with slightly serrated edges made by an 80-year-old English sculptor, 4’ by 8’; French Georgian glazed 
two-piece cabinet in original French “gray” paint with nice details.

210 edwards village blvd., a-206  |  edwards  •  970.926.7377  •


featuring English and French furniture and accessories


Jackie Montgomery has one basic rule when curating the items that fill her Edwards store, The Shaggy Ram: “ I don’t buy anything I don’t want to live with myself,” she says matter-of-factly. It turns out this a terrific rule to follow, as she has very high standards — and a very, very good eye.


Montgomery focuses on French and English pieces, including lovely dining tables, servers, cabinets, chairs, etc., and accessories from France and England. Her frequent pilgrimages to Europe and England net her the sort of unique items that you could look for forever — and when you find them absolutely nothing else will do. Whether it’s a German painted armoire, know as a schrank, dating from 1780 or a fruitwood table rescued from oblivion by lovingly applying many layers of wax with lots of elbow grease, no two items are alike. “Quality workmanship — that’s what I see in most of these country pieces, often made by the original owner for his own use, “ says Montgomery.  “And if it is an original painted piece, it is typically beautifully done. The wood pieces are so rich and beautiful and it takes years and years of polishing and dusting! It is hard to get that kind of character in new pieces.”


Much like wine, wood tells the story of where it was created. French pine, for instance, is much richer, darker, than English pine. “It has to do with the minerals in the soil,” Montgomery explains.

A few interesting finds at the store include brass and copper pieces, kitchenware, propeller and port hole tables on new steel bases, a giant copper bear, small boxes and new lamps plus fabulous new Santas. These Santas are a bit of tradition at The Shaggy Ram, handmade for the store by the same woman for the past 15 years. Whether they are made from vintage fabric or real fur, they are each one of a kind. Though custom versions are available, themed versions such as a golfer, a fly fisherman, or a fur Santa are hard to resist.


— by wren bova


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