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C. Anthony Gallery | ART Magazine Summer 2016
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featuring Britten

For Britten, life and creativity are one in the same. She follows the mysteries of creation — both artistic and human. As a result, her luminosity shines through both her paintings and life.

“Light bounces and reflects and creates a path to follow,” she says of her abstract art.

Britten begins with handmade alder wood frames stretched with organic cotton canvases; she combines gesso for texture with layers of gold, silver and copper leaf, and follows with French milled oil paint and resin.

Through both her paintings and lifestyle, she has committed to being 100-percent true to herself — and the expression she explores within.

“The purity of that, the expression of that, is what makes the abstract art deeper and more emotional, because it’s coming from a pure place from myself,” she says. “I tap into that universal space (of) pure creativity — something beyond my personality.”

Growing up in San Francisco bathed her in colors and energy, while her studies in Florence, Italy and a degree in fine art instilled technique. After working with graphic design, portraits and murals, she discovered that abstract art conveys “true expression,” a term she applies to her paintings.

“It’s a lot freer,” Britten says. “There are no boundaries; it’s a new language, a universal language that goes beyond a surface level we recognize.”

And yet, when she stands back and looks at her piece with fresh eyes, after “playing” at the beginning and allowing colors, textures and, most importantly, intuition, to evolve, she inevitably discovers something poignant about herself.

“I recognize emotions and messages,” she says. “I connect the dots. I can see what’s going on with me subconsciously, what I’m trying to teach myself — I see something I’ve never seen before. … My inspiration is the unknown, the surprise, and that I’m unveiling a mystery.”

As a result, viewers reach a deeper place through their own interpretations — “everything from tapping into memories, from laughter to tears,” Britten says. “In some ways, it’s always astonishing for me to hear people’s personal experience and to share emotions.

“When someone is present with a piece of art, there’s always the opportunity to be vulnerable and to experience yourself in a new way. Then the painting acts as a mirror, and that is the beauty of abstract art.”

The fact that she has found a way to live in a fully present and aware state every day has led to commissions from large companies in Denver, and even worldwide.

Britten is the artist-in-residence at C. Anthony Gallery in Beaver Creek Village. She also will be Vail’s TedX artist in residence at the Vilar Center in Beaver Creek in January 2017. There, she’ll talk about ART — Aesthetic Revolutionary Theory — highlighting the power of art and expression.

Britten describes her ability to channel the subconscious and fully live in the moment as an active decision.

“I made a choice to look at my life as the ultimate masterpiece and to recognize that this is my purpose in life, and there is nothing else,” she says. “There is just that pure presence and the ability to share it with the world.”

by kimberly nicoletti

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