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The Best Backdrop

Photographers Nate Agnini and Jenny Nelson | The Best Backdrop | Vail Lifestyle Magazine Summer 2016

Photographers Nate Agnini and Jenny Nelson don’t just shoot weddings — they capture a sense of place, too

By Kim Fuller • Photography by Nate and Jenny Weddings

Photos can create a visual narrative for weddings, and Nate Agnini and Jenny Nelson’s style of “creative documentary” captures every angle of the story. Together, they are Nate & Jenny Weddings.

“So while we are looking at the whole story of your day, we also want to take the time to get some amazing portraits of our couples enjoying their day in Vail,” Agnini says. “Many people pick Vail because it really means something to them, so we want to make sure we can coach them and help them get the shots they want in the places they’ve dreamed about.”

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Sometime the picture-perfect moments are shot in stunning sunlight on a mountaintop, or as a more casual and fun scene in the village.

“Because we’re locals, we do our best to give people our knowledge and help them have the day they want,” he says.

For a beautiful photo venue, Beano’s Cabin on Beaver Creek Mountain is a choice spot for Nate and Jenny to shoot, where a golden hour of light is followed by a red and orange sunset, leading to a retreat into Beano’s for a warm, firelight feel.

The pair works with large groups, as well as more intimate numbers. Agnini shares a memory of a fall wedding for a couple and just their immediate family.

“We took them to a spot in East Vail that we really like,” he explains. “They stood right in among the trees and they were perfectly, amazingly golden. With the sunlight streaming through, it looked like the grove was on fire. It was pretty amazing.”

It’s important for both Agnini and Nelson to get to know their clients, in order to capture the shots that are most important to them.

“Most of our clients have never done this before, so during the planning process, we like to walk them through their day and really help them sculpt their schedule so it flows, has plenty of time for photography, but also so that it doesn’t feel forced,” he explains.

It’s when people have time to relax and be themselves, he adds, that leads to the truest moments — those that make for great photos.

“Because we’re locals, we do our best to give people our knowledge and help them have the day they want.”


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