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Powder Fresh

Beaver Creek’s new Snow Refresh delivers ‘the good stuff’ to popular runs

After two years of testing and development, the snow gurus at Beaver Creek have honed a new snow resurface technique that offers fresh snow on the slopes, on demand. They call it Snow Refresh.

“This snowmaking operation is much different from traditional snowmaking — rather than focusing on volume, it focuses on snow quality by producing extremely dry machine-made snow,” says Greg Johnson, vice president of mountain operations at Beaver Creek. “Snow Refresh requires just a few inches of snow on the trails — think of it as a touch-up. That new snow is what keeps our snow surface so consistently soft.”

Johnson is a 30-year snow surfaces authority and internationally-recognized World Cup ski race course designer. He explains that the snow is worth seeking out.

“Snow Refresh produces light, airy snow which is perfectly manicured into buttery, fluffy groomed runs,” he says. “The resulting snow conditions are extraordinarily user-friendly, soft and consistent.”

Snow Refresh is offered on Red Tail, Gold Dust and Centennial — three of Beaver Creek’s most popular trails. During optimal conditions (cold temperatures and low humidity) snowmaking machines activate overnight to deliver a fresh, seamless canvas of snow. Mountain groomers then comb it into beautiful corduroy. Skiers are alerted when Snow Refresh snow is available via the online Beaver Creek daily grooming report, daily snow conditions report, announcement signs on the mountain and through the resort’s Ambassadors and mountain concierges in the Beaver Creek Village.

“Attention to detail is what elevates the Beaver Creek experience – including raising the bar in snow surface technology to offer a luxury ski experience and flawless fresh snow, on demand,” says Johnson.

— by vlm staff