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10 good reasons to fly the flag

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On this Memorial Day (and all national holidays), take the time to fly the American flag outside your home.

In no particular order, here are 10 good reasons why:

1. It’s a great-looking flag, with its bold stripes and bright – or at least white – stars.

2. A pathetic number of people put flags out anymore, so you’ll be a sort of retro trend-setter in your neighborhood.

3. It’s a way of saying you recognize the sacrifice our troops are making overseas while also giving a reverential nod to veterans.

4. Flying the flag is a simple statement of patriotism that doesn’t say anything about political bent, party affiliation, or your position on anything other than you think this is a pretty cool country, warts and all.

5. In an electronic world, putting the flag out is an old-school variety of “media” that doesn’t require plugs, internet connections or remote controls.

6. If you don’t have one, they’re cheap to buy at Wal-Mart or wherever. The flag you fly doesn’t have to be fancy to say exactly the same thing.

7. Your parents did it, and they’re usually right about this kind of thing.

8. If you’ve got kids, it tells them something about tradition and values while also inspiring them to ask what the deal is behind Memorial Day.

9. It will guilt your neighbors into getting one of their own.

10. You love America, period.

” Alex Miller for the Editorial Board

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