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100-year-old candy still endearing

Cindy Ramunno
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the DailyRemember passing out these candies on Valentine's Day in elementary school?

EAGLE COUNTY ” Decorated boxes, class lists and hearts galore ” it’s less than a week until Valentines Day, which is one of the top two holidays celebrated in America’s elementary school classrooms.

Valentine’s Day and Halloween are two days of the year where elementary-aged children “sugar up” and celebrate on school time.

Tucked inside those tiny, folded Valentines is usually something sweet, and today’s best-selling Valentine candy is same as over a century ago ” the conversation heart.

Conversation hearts were created in the early 1900s. The chalky, sugar hearts with the quirky sayings are one of the few things that today’s parents remember being a part of their own childhood.

Some of the short and G-rated messages are the same from decades ago, including ‘Be Mine,’ ‘Kiss Me’ and ‘Sweet Talk’. About 20 years ago, we saw, ‘Awesome’ and ‘Call Me.’

Now there’s ‘E-mail Me’ and ‘Text Me.’ A few have also been discontinued, such as ‘Dig Me’ and the cheerful ‘You Are Gay.’

The New England Confectionery Company produced up to 10 new sayings per year, and this year’s theme is a pet-related. Some of those include, ‘Puppy Love,’ ‘Take A Walk’ and ‘Cool Cat.’

Some of our local educators and students have ideas about what we their ideal conversation heart would say:

– Kyle Woods, senior, Battle Mountain High School: ‘Burning 4 U’

– Molly Crocker, senior, Eagle Valley High School: ‘Dream Big’

– Tommy Peskorz, senior, Vail Christian High School: ‘ 4 A Good Time, Call Me’

– Kyle Simonett, senior, Eagle Valley High School: ‘Ski Hard, Sleep L8’

– Kathy Cummings, principal, Meadow Mountain Elementary: ‘Hang In’

– Anthony Barela, principal, Red Hill Elementary: ‘Keep The Faith’

– Richard Houghton, athletics director, Battle Mountain High School: ‘Go Huskies’ and ‘Waaaaz Uuuup!’

– Mark Strakbein, principal, Eagle Valley High School: ‘Wrestle 2 Win,’ ‘Fool 4 U’ and ‘Old School’

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