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$17 movie tickets in Vail

Rick Bell
Vail, CO Colorado

Is Peter Knobel so out of touch that he thinks that this is a good idea? I don’t understand the logic behind this marketing ploy, a movie theater that is not only twice as expensive as all other theaters and doesn’t allow people under 21 at night. I already feel sorry for visiting families that have teenagers; there is nothing for them to do at night now. The classic example is the lacrosse tournament. The kids that are under 21 have nothing to do so they just hang out in the streets. I can’t wait to find out how much a game of bowling is going to be. I can imagine $50 a game, but you can get some sort of dish that hopefully comes with some mango salsa. Way to not look out for the locals that are just looking for some sort of entertainment, that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. $17 dollar movie tickets? Really?

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