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1993: Seles dips into our wellness well

VAIL – A few of the local Vail Powers That Be are proposing that we market ourselves as something like a wellness utopia.

Well, wellness is what we’ve been about for decades.

Not so long ago, top-ranked tennis pro Monica Seles was in Vail for that very thing.

Seles was playing in the Hamburg Citizens Cup, and having a delightful time. Then some nutjob, pledging allegiance to Steffi Graf – who had never heard of him – jumped out of the stands and stabbed Seles once in the back with a butcher knife.

The knife missed her spine, thank heavens, but she had to drop out of playing tennis for three months. She spent much of that time right here, working with local medical miracle workers.

Speaking of unjust treatment, Rocky Mountain News sports writer John Meyer calls Vail parking “the biggest rip-off in Colorado skiing” in one of his columns.

To be fair, in that same piece Meyer also declared that Vail is the best place to spend a week, and the best place to be on a powder day.

But he stuck with his claim that the city-owned parking lots were not only expensive, but removed from the slopes.

Vail officials responded with a resounding “Nuh uh, buster!” And no one has ever complained about parking in Vail since that day, have they?

And while it’s money that matters, just yesterday (that’s last year in Vail Daily years), we told you that the school district closed a couple schools because it was short of money.

They went to the voters for a property tax increase. The plan was to pay for operations at new schools. Turns out that Body Politic had given its local OK to debt for the new buildings, but said no to the money to run them.

It failed by two votes.

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