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1994 Barros Porto Colheita Portugal

Jarrett Osborn

There are two main categories of port: ruby and tawny. Within these categories are several types of fortified wine. Ruby ports are dark red, hence their name, aged for a short time in oak barrels (two years for vintage port). They are fruity, with dark cherry flavors. Tawny ports are light brown in color, aged for a long time in oak (up to 40 years), and have flavors of hazelnut, orange peel and spice. The 1994 Barros Porto Colheita is a gorgeous tawny port, with the aforementioned flavors, and light cinnamon, toasty oak, a white pepper touch and a super-long, silky finish. This wine was bottled earlier in 2007, so it aged in small oak barrels for 13 years. The tangerine and orange peel flavors make it a perfect partner for crme brulee, figs and blue cheese. Stilton cheese is the classic pairing with a tawny port.Manuel de Almeida established Barros Porto in 1913. The Barros family still runs the winery. Colheita is a special tawny from a single vintage. Most tawnys are blends of many different years, resulting in a 10-year tawny, a 20-year tawny, and so forth. Colheitas represents the uniqueness of a single year, coupled with the extended aging of a tawny. Awesome! The 1994 Barros Porto Colheita costs $50. Jarrett Osborn, Riverwalk Wine & Spirits

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