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2003 Plum Creek Chardonnay – Colorado

Colorado wines may have turned the corner. In the last year, a half-dozen wines from the 2002, 2003, and 2004 vintages justify the comment “nice wine,” without the attached qualifier “for Colorado.” The Plum Creek Chardonnay, from vineyards in the West Elks area near Paonia and the Grand Valley area in Palisades, proves this point. This Chardonnay has crisp apple and pear flavors, with a nice kick of minerality and acidity on the finish. Just a hint of oak is due to only partial barrel fermentation and only 4 months aging in oak barrels. Oak is notoriously used to hide bad fruit, and emerging wine regions are sometimes the worst offenders. Plum Creek has no such problem.

Doug and Sue Phillips founded Plum Creek in 1984, making it the oldest operating winery in Colorado. Winemaker Jenne Baldwin joined them in 1998, and the wines from their 65 acres of vineyards are improving every year.

Pair this Chardonnay with light chicken pasta, grilled shrimp, or simply drink it on its own.

– Jarrett Osborn, Special to The Trail

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