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2006 Vignalta Pinot Bianco Colli Eugenai, Italy

Jarrett Osborn

Pinot Bianco, the Italian name for Pinot Blanc, grows well in the northeast of Italy, in the Veneto region. In the Colli Eugenai, a group of hills in the Veneto, Vignalta grows and makes a great Pinot Bianco. This crisp white wine is aged sur lees for several months. This process, where the wine is not fined or filtered immediately after fermentation ends, lets the juice pick up flavors from the leftover skin pieces, pulp and dead yeast. Sounds yummy, eh? But this move gives the wine extra body, richness, and a lightly honeyed lemon flavor that complements the clean fruit flavors already present. A hint of minerality and acidity on the finish accents the crisp lemon, white grapefruit and almond flavors.The crisp flavors yet silky texture make the Vignalta Pinot Bianco perfect with Brie or Camembert. Also drink this wine with shrimp risotto, linguini and clams, and crabcakes. The Vignalta Pinot Bianco costs $17.Lucio Gomiero and Graziano Cardin founded Vignalta in 1980. The winery currently owns 123 acres of vineyards. Winemaker and cellarmaster (the coolest title in the business) Michele Montecchio is assisted by consulting winemaker Francesco Polastri. Jarrett Osborn | Riverwalk Wine & Spirits

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