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2008 Eagle County Fair Pig Show results

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EAGLE, Colorado The Eagle County Fair 4-H Market Swine Show was held Thursday, July 31 at the Eagle County Fairgrounds. Judge Trevor Amen of Denver worked hard to sort both kids and pigs from good to best. 4-Hers ages 8-18 started the show by walking their pigs in front of the judge demonstrate how well their pig was groomed, fed and trained. In addition, participants were asked questions relating to their pig and the swine industry. Following the showmanship class, the judge evaluated more than 80 pigs based on their muscling, degree of leanness, soundness and overall body condition. Results are as follows:Senior Showmanship:1st: Kacey Bair 2nd: Jamie Bair3rd: Joel Schlegel4th: Laura Gerard5th: Summer Forsyth6th: Clayton Gerard7th: Cayla Marx8th: Maggie EmmerBlue – Cody BakkenBlue Teller EmmerBlue Nicole KingBlue Shelby MassieBlue Angel MontesBlue Ben MuehlethalerBlue Ben RoofBlue Traci SchlegelBlue Justine SheehyBlue Hector SotoIntermediate Showmanship:1st: Taylor Hammer2nd: Marley Hammer 3rd: Ella Guzik4th: Megan Muehlethaler5th: Mabry Gentry 6th: Emily Massie7th: Skylar Rossi8th: Angela GiovagnoliBlue – Amy ApplegateBlue Sarah BakkenBlue Lacey GerardBlue Michael MarxBlue Damian MontesBlue Megan MuehlethalerBlue Kolt OrtizBlue Alex RobledoBlue Bethany RoofBlue Morgan RowlesBlue Jacey SchlegelBlue Lane SmithBlue Katie StephensBlue Aide Vasquez Junior Showmanship:1st: Claire Guzik2nd: Bryce Ettles3rd: Buck Ortiz4th: Gino Giovagnoli5th: Bryce Muehlethaler6th: Victoria Montes7th: Joe Sheldon8th: Lane DobranskyBlue Wyatt BorahBlue James FasiBlue Jessica RaittBlue Logan RaittBlue Quinn StoryBlue Judissa TorresMARKET:Feeder Classes:Class Champion Morgan RowlesReserve Class Champion James Fasi3rd: Summer Forsyth4th: Shelby Massie5th: Shelby Massie6th: Taylor Hammer7th: Quinn Story8th: Marley HammerLight-Weight (220-238 pounds)Class Champion Jamie BairReserve Class Champion Judissa Torres3rd: Buck Ortiz 4th: Summer Forsyth5th: Joe Sheldon6th: Kolt Ortiz7th: Claire Guzik8th: Lane Smith9th: Justine Sheehy10th: Hector Soto11th: Michael Marx12th: Lane Dobransky13th: Maggie Emmer14th: Amy Applegate15th: Wyatt Borah16th: Nicole KingMiddle-Weight (240-251 pounds)Class Champion Joel SchelgelReserve Class Champion Emily Massie3rd: Ella Guzik4th: Bryce Ettles5th: Mabry Gentry6th: James Fasi7th: Traci Schlegel8th: Traci Schlegel9th: Bryce Ettles10th: Wyatt Borah11th: Skylar Rossi12th: Ben Roof13th: Bryce Muehlethaler14th: Sarah Bakken15th: Lane Dobransky16th: Katie Stephens17th: Jacey Schlegel18th: Katie StephensLight-Heavy Weight (252-266 pounds)Class Champion: Laura GerardReserve Class Champion: Skylar Rossi3rd: Claire Guzik4th: Kacey Bair5th: Gino Giovagnoli6th: Cody Bakken7th: Victoria Montes8th: Mabry Gentry9th: Jamie Bair10th: Lacey Gerard11th: Aide Vasquez12th: Angela Giovagnoli13th: Clayton Gerard14th: Logan Raitt15th: Alex Robledo16th: Ben Roof17th: Nicole KingHeavy Weight (267-280 pounds)Class Champion: Ben MuehlethalerReserve Class Champion: Megan Muehlethaler3rd: Damian Montes4th: Bethany Roof5th: Cayla Marx6th: Emily Massie7th: Megan Muehlethaler8th: Laura Gerard9th: Jessica Raitt10th: Jacey Schlegel11th: Lane Smith12th: Teller Emmer13th: Angel Montes14th: Bethany Roof15th: Lacey Gerard2008 Grand Champion Market Hog: Laura Gerard2008 Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog: Jamie Bair

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