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2009 Eagle County Regional Airport (EGE) runway construction update

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Vail CO, Colorado

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado ” Eagle County Regional Airport air traffic will be limited to smaller aircraft in summer 2009 as EGE’s primary runway will be closed for maintenance.

The closure is scheduled for April 15 – Aug.31, 2009, with dates subject to change.

Smaller aircraft will still have the ability to land on an interim runway while primary runway maintenance is conducted. After exhausting all possible options, Eagle County Regional Airport has been unable to secure airline service to operate on the interim runway next summer.

According to terminal manager Chris Anderson, the project was analyzed to ensure that the closure would occur during a period of the year that incurs the lowest passenger and traffic numbers.

Once construction is complete in September, regular air service is expected to resume with improvements bringing increased safety and passenger capacity.

Renovation efforts include milling and resurfacing of the eastern half of the runway and a complete restoration of the western half, both processes are ‘typical’ of every airport from time to time according to Airport Director Ovid Seifers.

Seifers said this type of runway rehabilitation is normal. “Like roads, runways need repair work every 15 to 20 years. Next year just happens to be Eagle County’s time.”

Last year, Aspen Airport’s runway was closed 84 days for renovation.

Eagle County Regional Airport remains committed to providing its passengers the highest possible level of service and accessibility in and out of Eagle County. For further information, please call 970-524-8246 or visit http://www.eaglecounty.us/airport for updated runway construction reports.

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