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2018 Snowsports Hall of Fame: Moe Mosley shows age is no barrier to greatness

Jerry “Moe” Mosley
Special to the Daily

One of the beauties of skiing is that it’s not constrained by age boundaries. We can easily participate in the sport far into our senior years. One of the reasons this possibility exists and has been fostered throughout Colorado can be traced directly to Jerry “Moe” Mosley and the creation of the Over the Hill Gang.

The Over the Hill Gang was born at Copper Mountain in 1976, courtesy of a trio of enterprising part-time PSIA ski instructors: Mosley, Bill Magill and Tom Stein. Their vision was simple: keep ski enthusiasts older than 50 from dropping out of the sport.

In the 1970s, Copper Mountain was blessed with a team of energetic, imaginative and somewhat crazy entrepreneurial risk takers, just the sort of people essential to the startup of a new ski resort. Mosley fit right in, with a bigger-than-life personality and a passion for skiing that became legend.

The Over the Hill Gang immediately became an integral part of Copper Mountain’s ski program as the trio recruited all levels of skiers. Soon, Copper’s Over the Hill Gang, Over the Hill Gang International and Ski Meisters of Winter Park became the ski and social event for all skiers older than 50. To ensure their program had the credentials to be a leader in the industry, Mosley and friends developed a set of criteria to assure success for the Over the Hill Gang.

In 1986, Copper Mountain purchased the rights to the Over the Hill Gang, making it a division of the Copper Ski School. The program’s membership grew to more than 700 skiers, with a waiting list of 500 very enthusiastic senior skiers.

The Over the Hill Gang became much more than just a ski program. The Gang had their own year-round social calendar in order to maintain the camaraderie of the members and guides in the offseason.

No single individual did more to stimulate, encourage, endorse and participate in the Over the Hill Gang than Mosley. He became the historian of past events and personalities while maintaining a love and commitment to the Gang.

Through Over the Hill Gang, Mosley has been a continual supporter for senior skiers. He epitomized, through his actions over the past 40 years, the enthusiasm of senior skiers and their contribution to the sport for family and friends.

It is important to note that Mosley did all of this while maintaining a full-time career as an account executive for two major insurance companies, along with serving as the director of safety and industrial relations for a multiple-state highway heavy construction and mining firm.

In addition, Mosley did not miss a single scheduled day of work for the Copper Mountain Ski School from 1974 through his final service in 2010.

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