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3 square meals in Eagle County

Sarah Mausolf
Vail CO, Colorado
HL 3 Square Meals Main DT 2-12-08

Breakfast: Loaded Joe’s, Avon

The meal: “Chipotle burrito and a hazelnut late. I like the handmade quality of the burritos.”

Lunch: Pazzo’s Pizzeria, Vail

The meal: “I get two slices and a coke. Meatball and pepperoni. It’s fresh and it’s filling.”

Dinner: La Cantina, Vail

The meal: “Combo number four. That’s a crisp beef taco and two chicken enchiladas and you get all the sauce and chips you want for free. Cheap and filling. It’s good Mexican.”

Breakfast: Blue Plate Bistro, Avon

The meal: “Eggs Bene. Because eggs benedict is the bomb and it’s just good, breakfast cafe-style eggs benedict. Nothin’ fancy.”

Lunch: Sato Sushi, Edwards

The meal: “I just get unagi, squid and their edamame. It’s not too filling. It’s good and their food is always fresh and sushi is the best thing in the world.”

Dinner: Vista at Arrowhead, Arrowhead

The meal: “Their shortribs, when they have them. There’s nothing better in this valley than their shortribs. It’s perfect. The meat falls off the bone. It’s perfectly braised.”

Breakfast: Route 6 Cafe, Eagle-Vail

The meal: “I get a vegetarian skillet. It’s a skillet with mozzarella cheese melted over it with toast. I like that they especially make it for me and it’s vegetarian.”

Lunch: Marko’s Pizzeria, Edwards

The meal: “I love their Greek salad and their pizza crust is really good.”

Dinner: May Palace Restaurant, West Vail

The meal: “I love the sesame tofu there. It’s yummy. It just tastes good.”

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