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4 in 2004 " Seeing double at Eagle Valley and Battle Mountain High Schools

Cindy Ramunno

Four in 2004. Four sets of twins are graduating this spring from the valley’s two powerhouse high schools. The Stackpole boys from Battle Mountain High School have been in the local sports news all year. At Eagle Valley High, it’s rare that 3 sets of twins walk up to get their diplomas at the same time. The Stoltzfus boys, the Lawrence boys and the Lowe girls are graduating together, and all 8 students are ready to move on towards their futures. Remember that even if 2 look alike, they are different people with very different personalities.

The Stoltzfus twins

Vincent and Austin Stoltzfus are fraternal twins who moved to the valley from Pennsylvania when they were just 4 years old. Vincent is going to Sterling in the fall to attend Northeastern Junior College, while Austin will be across the state at Colorado State University in Fort Collins studying agricultural business. Austin currently works for Mountain Valley Ventures. “Twins do a lot together, and when we younger, we always kept each other entertained,” says Austin. Although they hang out with the same friends and are attracted to the same type of girl, they’ve been spending a lot of time apart lately. Work commitments and busy schedules are limiting their time, even though they live in the same house.

Next fall, the twin’s parents will become “empty nesters,” as their 21-year-old sister is also in college. “One of the challenges of having twins was seeing them as individuals with different strengths,” says mom Linda Stoltzfus. But the rewards outweighed any difficulties. “It was great to see them grow up together and have so much fun with a buddy all the time,” adds Carol. Both boys are avid hunters and fishers, and they recently took a trip to Alaska to do both. They also live and work on the family ranch in Gypsum.

The Lawrence Twins

The Lawrence brothers are identical twins who started kindergarten at Meadow Mountain Elementary. They moved to Eagle Valley Elementary in the first grade. With the exception of some time in California, they grew up here. Mackenzie plans on going Metropolitan State College to study aeronautical engineering. Christian will live with him and will study psychology at the same college before moving on to law school. Their buddies Derek Baldwin and Brett Klahr will also be with them. Mackenzie and Christian finish each other’s sentences, and when asked the same question at different time, both gave very similar answers. “I’ll miss the small town experience of this place,” says Mackenzie, who adds that he values how close he is with all of his friends. He’ll still be with his closest friend, though.

Christian and Mackenzie agree that the worst thing about being a twin is being treated like the same person, but the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. “Having someone who is going through a lot of the same things … you can take a step back and look at his decisions. It’s a learning experience and someone is always there for you,” explains Christian. When asked about girl preferences, “We’re attracted to the same types of girls ” we’re guys,” laughs Mackenzie. The boys live parallel lives and make many of the same relationship decisions -” even when they’ve been apart. And they believe that there is something more there than just being brothers. “One time in the fourth grade I knew Mackenzie was in trouble,” explains Christian. “As I looked out my classroom, he was walking down the hall with a bloody nose,” he adds

The Stackpole twins

Ironically, identical brothers Cody and Clayton Stackpole’s mom, Paula Martin, owns Just Cuts in Avon. Just Cuts is famous for plastering the senior section from the Vail Daily on the walls each year. The Stackpoles have already had their share of press since they both are top athletes for the Battle Mountain Huskies. The boys moved here from Denver in the second grade. Both had very different sports injuries to deal with. Cody broke his foot last season in wrestling, and Clay just had shoulder surgery. Both will attend Colorado Mountain College for the first year to save some money before heading out. Clay will then head west to Mesa State College in Grand Junction to study business, and Cody will be at Colorado State University.

The Stackpoles have had their fair share of fun confusing people. “We switched classes in the fifth grade at Edwards Elementary,” says Cody. Ms. Metternick and Ms. Harrison knew though, so it didn’t end up being that great of a trick. One of the things these twins complain about ” as do most ” is getting the driver’s license at the same time and fighting over the family car. Clay says that some of the best things are that vacations are more fun and you always have someone going through the same thing you are at the same time. Weirdest twin question? “Someone asked me if we could communicate telepathically,” says Clay. The boys credit their mom for raising them alone and being the role of father and mother to them. “She’s the best ” she did an awesome job,” says Clay. We agree.

The Lowe twins

Brittany and Cameron Lowe ” identical twins from Eagle Valley High ” put the Coors Light twins to shame. The gorgeous blondes are also going to Metropolitan State College and will be living together. We will omit the exact address to avoid young men camping out. The girls grew up here and have an older brother and younger brother. They will soon be aunts to a baby boy ” parents Glenn and Liza Lowe ” and they are thrilled. Cameron will study the basics at Metro, and then transfer to study marine biology. “I’ve always liked science and biology,” she says. She also went to the state competition for the Devil Ski Team this past season. Brittany was in the school’s musical production last spring and is also a good skier.

The girls love having each other and share many of the same friends. And for the guys, the odds are doubles because these beauties are not attracted to the same type of guy. The girls are excited to begin their new chapter though. “I’ll miss my friends, but I’m ready to go,” says Brittany about college. Dad ” also Glenn ” says for him, it’s hard to let go. “I see them a lot younger than they really are,” he says. But he also knows it’s time to let go.

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