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4 more years

M. Kathy Vieth

Arn Menconi kicked off his re-election campaign for Eagle County Commissioner last week at a well attended reception of enthusiastic supporters. The make-up of the group was quite diverse, which speaks well to Arn’s appeal to a broad base of the county’s population – young, old, Democrat and Republican.

It is a delight for me to see a public servant who believes passionately in serving the people of Eagle County. He believes in this community and wants to see it retain the things that make it a wonderful place to live and raise our families, while balancing the needs of business growth and the environment.

The election in November 2004 is one of the most significant in recent history, not only at the national level, but here in Eagle County, as well.

We, as the electorate, need to be knowledgeable on the candidates and the issues, so that we can make an informed decision in the voting booth. Our vote for the candidates of our choice will set the direction to take us into the future. Make sure that your vote counts.

Arn Menconi has represented us well as county commissioner in the last four years and has earned the right to continue to be our representative for the next four years. Please consider Arn as your candidate in November. But for sure, just vote.

M. Kathy Vieth


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