4 valley seniors create Declaration

Cindy Ramunno

Declaration is THE youth band of this valley. Kids from all of the area high schools and middle schools like them and the 4 members are seniors at 2 high schools in the valley. Lead singer Robert Brgoch and bassist Rex Roberts will graduate from Vail Christian High School this spring, and lead guitarist Dan Sample and drummer Jesse O’Brien are getting their diplomas a week later from Eagle Valley High School. Two Saints and two Devils, coming together to create some kickin’ music.

The boys went to Eagle Valley Elementary and Eagle Valley Middle School together, and they all live in Eagle. They started taking their music more seriously at the end of middle school. They started the band in 2001, and have been playing punk rock and regular rock ever since. It happened quickly, since they already had the equipment.

Good Vibrations Studio in Eagle had the guys record a CD, which is now out. The hardest thing currently is getting everyone together for practice during their busy senior years. They are all contributing writers for the band, and fans of Declaration say they’re excellent writers and that their songs are amazing.

Next year, Roberts is heading to Colorado State University and Brgoch, O’Brien and Sample are heading to Orlando, Fla. to attend the Full Sail Real World Education ” a recording arts school.

“It’s an intense program,” says Brgoch, who played football and was involved in many activities at Vail Christian. Roberts was also very involved, and O’Brien was an integral part of Eagle Valley’s spring musical. Their musical ability comes from all sorts of different family members. Sample’s dad plays the guitar. “I started guitar in the 7th grade and loved it right away,” says Sample.

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Last June, Declaration played to over 100 fans at the Eagle County Fairgrounds. The guys remember last summer as being a fun one, and hopefully they’ll have time for some gigs this summer before heading off to school. Because of their limited time, the band will book up fast this summer ” if you want to book Declaration for an up-coming event, call Roberts at 328-5656.

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