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40 Day Yoga Revolution at Dogma Athletic in Edwards

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EDWARDS, Colorado – Yogis of all abilities looking to get to the next level can get a push as they enter the new year.

Edwards gym Dogma Athletica will offer the 40 Day Yoga Revolution, a new program incorporating yoga, mediation, journaling and diet awareness. The program is based on the curriculum and book of Baron Baptiste, a power yoga instructor, author and personal growth leader. It is aimed at transforming participants’ habitual ways of thinking and moving through life, and is suitable for both beginners and seasoned yogis, said Rachel Delong, the Dogma yoga instructor who will lead the program.

“Sometimes yoga can be very intimidating, almost like a different language,” she said. “People hear these terms, but might not have a great idea of what they mean. But (Baptiste) westernizes the philosophy a little bit, making it accessible for anyone.”

The course includes six weeks of unlimited yoga and meditation classes at Dogma Athletica, Baptiste’s book “40 Days to Personal Revolution,” a guided meditation CD, a program information binder, a supported four-day cleanse, and six 75-minute Wednesday night group meetings.

The program is progressive, beginning with 5 minutes of meditation and 20 minutes of yoga daily and building up to longer periods. Each week has a different theme, such as centering, vitality and presence.

DeLong, who has practiced yoga for 8 years, said she has personally experienced inspiration and success with Baptiste’s programs.

“There was something a little more in the teaching that made me inquire who I was and consider things I hadn’t thought about,” she said. “There were whole new avenues of exploring myself. The coolest thing is how my growth extended out to everyone that I loved – my husband, my friends, my family. You start becoming better yourself, and it inspires other people.”

Dogma owner and trainer Rod Connolly said he’s seen participants undergo very evident physical and mental changes during the program.

“People lean out, they increase their strength, and you can see significant postural improvements,” he said. “However, there are other aspects that take it beyond a typical exercise program. People can truly change some patterning that can lead to very positive changes in their lives.”

To reserve a spot for 40 Days of Revolution, sign up by calling Dogma at at 970-688-4433-by Dec. 31. The cost is $199 for Dogma Athletica members and $299 for nonmembers. The program runs through Feb. 13, with the first meeting set for Jan. 5 at 7 p.m.

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