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40 oz. to Freedom performs in Avon Saturday

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40 Oz. to Freedom returns to Eagle County for a show at Agave in Avon Saturday night.

If you go ...

What: 40 oz. to Freedom.

Where: Agave in Avon.

When: 9:30 p.m. Saturday.

Cost: $10.

More information: Show is for ages 21 and over. Visit http://www.agaveavon.com.

Tribute bands are an interesting breed of live music that some do well and some don’t. The bands that do a good job not only have the ability to bring favorite bands back to life or back on tour, they also provide exposure to a whole new audience that never got to see the original. Fortunately for Sublime fans out there, 40 oz. to Freedom does just that.

40 oz. to Freedom has toured the entire United States and Canada for more than six years, developing one of the largest tribute band followings in the world. The band won the 2010 San Diego Music Award for Best Tribute. By bringing thumping bass lines, rad beats and shredding guitar riffs, 40 oz. to Freedom is true to the So-Cal vibe for which Sublime was known. Providing vocals and guitar riffs that sound eerily identical to late Sublime front man Bradley Nowell, lead singer Dane Scott continues to exemplify why he earned six San Diego Music Award nominations.

How it started

After Scott’s original band broke up and his best friend’s band broke up, the two musicians decided to form a band that paid tribute to one of the most notorious southern California ska punk bands.

“People have always said I sounded like Bradley, so to remain working musicians, we decided to start the tribute,” Scott said.

Along with having a lead singer that sounds almost identical to the original, tribute bands must have musicians that can duplicate the music. Featuring a lineup of talented musicians with impressive resumes, 40 oz. to Freedom is able to play Sublime tunes so well it sounds like the original albums.

Keyboardist Jeremy Miller co-founded the band with Scott; bassist Terry Davis is known as a “jack of all trades”; drummer Mark Leblanc has been playing music since he was a child; Berkeley School of Music graduate Tom Burda currently teaches at The New York School of Guitar; and percussionist Chad Cocuzza on percussion is known for his excellent stage presence. In addition to playing with 40 oz. to Freedom, each member plays with other bands that write and play their own music.

Unique tribute

Although there are other Sublime tribute bands out there, Scott said that what sets 40 oz. to Freedom apart is their “highly-energetic live show.”

“Not only do we play the hits as you’d hear them on the CD, we combine that with a jam-like live show that gives us that edge over the rest when playing,” he said.

Because Nowell died of a heroin overdose in 1996, the Sublime catalog is limited but Scott said the narrow list of song options has never been an issue.

“It’s not difficult having the limited catalog because our live show makes it new every time we play,” he said. “We don’t usually play a show the same way twice which allows us to stay creative and original.”

Expect to see the bands original show live Saturday night at Agave.

He added, “We’ve always had really great shows at Agave and I think it’s the crowd’s energy that makes it such a great time.”

For updates on the band check out http://www.sublimetributeband.com.

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