Remonov & Co. offers rent relief for 40-plus businesses during COVID-19 slowdown |

Remonov & Co. offers rent relief for 40-plus businesses during COVID-19 slowdown

Edwards Corner, Vail Village establishments receiving quality landlord treatment

Local development company and commercial landlord Remonov & Co. is offering rent relief to 38 business owners in Edwards Corner, as well as four in Vail Village.
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For 38 businesses in Edwards Corner, and four establishments in Vail Village, local development company and commercial landlord Remonov & Co. is offering their tenants rent abatement and deferral options during COVID-19.

“We just felt like that was our duty,” said Makenzie Mueller, vice president of Remonov & Co. “We’ve always been really involved in the community just throughout our 25-year history. We’ve always felt it’s as a community you get through things.”

In April, Remonov & Co. first offered 50% off rent as things were unfolding in Eagle County. For May, the company has forgiven rent for the entire month to its tenants — local business owners. In June, tenants will be offered a deferred payment method to pay that month’s rent over the course of the rest of the year. Remonov & Co. is also offering additional rent abatement to nonprofits that rent from them.

While the landlords are trying to work with and accommodate those occupying their spaces, Mueller said two businesses have chosen to pay rent despite the available respite.

“That’s the spirit of community right there, where people aren’t taking a handout because they don’t need it,” Mueller said.

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The landlord company is taking a hit itself while still working to pay its employees and cover previous loans. Projects planned have been put on hold, and staff are encouraging the business owners in the community to strategically seek other financial aid.

“I’ve seen lots of businesses doing what they can in their own small way,” Mueller said, citing Hovey & Harrison, located in Edwards Corner, providing meals to frontline workers. “Not everyone can help, but the people who can are finding ways to.”

In another sign of support for its tenants, Remonov & Co. created social media pages for Edwards Corner businesses, a one-stop shop to see the latest with establishments there.

“If you’re one of those people who used to go to Edwards Corner to get wine from Drunken Goat, bread from Hovey & Harrison and meat from Cut, now you can go to one place to see what’s going on with all of those,” Mueller said.

From left, Remonov & Co.’s Rick Mueller, Makenzie Mueller and Bobby Hernreich. (Not shown in the photo, but part of the Remonov team are Jessica Hernreich and Dan Bryant.)
Special to the Daily

Founders Rick Mueller and Bobby Hernreich started Remonov & Co. with a commitment to quality, uniqueness and community. Remonov developed most of the commercial core of Edwards including Edwards Corner, Edwards Village Center and Edwards Commercial Park. For more information about Remonov & Co. visit

“It’s inspiring to look around and see all of the members of our community doing what they can to help others. We view our role as no different. We want to do what we can to help. As a community, the only way we can get through this is together,” Rick Mueller said in a news release.

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