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623 days and counting

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What to make of the latest proclamation by “The Decider” who now refers to himself as “Commander Guy?”

Anyone can misspeak, but it’s difficult to hear something like “Commander Guy” and not be reminded that Bush appears to think of himself as some kind of character ” an actor in a global play in which he’s the star.

Nevermind that the reviews stink and the play continues its run night after night to an increasingly disenchanted audience ” Commander Decider Guy forges on, delightfully oblivious to the rotting fruit hurled from the electorate and the omnipresent chorus of boos from Capitol Hill.

Taking stock of the waning (but, for many, not waning fast enough) years of the Bush administration, the phenomenon of the “lame duck presidency” looms foremost in the mind. Battered and bruised from impeachment, Whitewater, Lewinsky etc., we watched Clinton struggle in similar fashion to conjure some meaning from his final two years.

Bush 41 didn’t get a chance to be lame, but Reagan before him had similar irrelevancy, fighting to stay awake in meetings while the Iran-Contra scandal hobbled him even in the face of the Soviet Union’s collapse.

Regardless of the party we support, it’s maddening to watch the country being led by someone who can’t lead ” be it his own fault due to waging an unnecessary preemptive war or from personal missteps that lead to an all-out attack from the opposite party.

Mid-term elections halfway through a president’s second term can shift the ground under the chief executive’s feet as well, and it can be painful to see how drastically that can affect an administration’s ability to get anything done.

It makes the case for one, six-year term all that more appealing. Lameness in year five could still be a factor, but likely not as bad, and half of the first term wouldn’t be taken up campaigning for a second. It’s just one item of the Constitution that could use a tweak.

As we come up on the 220th anniversary of the first Constitutional Convention and look at the wreckage this administration has made of the document through loopholes and misinterpretation, maybe it’s time to tune it up for present day ” make it more Alberto Gonzales-proof.

It appears, though, that anything resembling leadership that moves America forward will have to wait at least another 623 days.

” Alex Miller for the Editorial Board

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