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7-Eleven clerk fired in wake of shooting

Aspen Times photoBruno Kirchenwitz said he will seek help from Rush Limbaugh after being fired by 7-Eleven.

ASPEN ” Bruno Kirchenwitz was fired Monday from his job at the Basalt 7-Eleven.

The firing came nearly two weeks after Kirchenwitz may have been the target of five rifle shots that were fired into the store. Kirchenwitz said a 7-Eleven official who called to inform him of his dismissal claimed it was unrelated to the shooting incident.

He isn’t buying it. Kirchenwitz believes he was fired because his presence as a clerk at the store could be bad for business. He is an outspoken critic of illegal immigration.

“Freedom of speech takes a back seat to profits,” he said.

Margaret Chabris, a 7-Eleven spokeswoman, declined comment Monday because it is a personnel issue, citing corporate policy. In general, she said, employees can be terminated after an investigation explores their relations with customers and fellow workers.

Kirchenwitz was working behind the counter June 26 when two Latino men came into the store and asked if he is the man who wears a “U.S. Border Patrol” baseball hat. He said he was, although he wasn’t wearing it at the time. He said he wears the hat to and from work but never on the job.

The men threatened to show him what they thought about the hat. “I smiled and laughed and made jokes, then shooed them out the door,” Kirchenwitz said.

The men said they would wait for him outside to get off work. They left a short time later, at about 6:30 p.m.

Kirchenwitz got off duty at 10 p.m. and left the store to catch a bus about 15 minutes later. The shots blasted through a front plate glass window in front of the cashier’s station at about 11:10 p.m.

Another cashier and four customers, including a family with a baby, escaped injury. Basalt Police Chief Keith Ikeda said it was fortunate no one was killed or hurt.

Kirchenwitz was placed on paid leave shortly after the incident while 7-Eleven

officials were in town investigating the shooting. He was told late Monday afternoon he was being let go because of a customer service incident that allegedly occurred on June 9.

Kirchenwitz said someone apparently lodged a complaint about an incident with him after it was publicized that he was placed on leave. He said he remembered no altercation with a customer and that the official who fired him was vague on details.

Kirchenwitz started as a cashier with 7-Eleven on April 18. He said he never received a written or verbal reprimand and was complimented for his performance by the Basalt store’s manager.

When asked if he would appeal within 7-Eleven’s system or discuss his firing with the American Civil Liberties Union, Kirchenwitz said he would like to seek help from a different source ” conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

Kirchenwitz, an outspoken critic of President Bush, said illegal immigration is about the only issue where he sees eye-to-eye with conservatives. If he got a chance to speak to Limbaugh, he said, he would sum up his situation as: “Poor white boy get shot at then gets fired.”

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